Why I’m Envious of Toddler TV

We have been having a lot of fun lately, play dates, baby prepping and a quick weekend trip up north to visit the grandparents have all contributed to that. But I must be paying for it now because I have been super sick ever since we got back. I pretty much have a mix between a head cold and stomach bug and it hasn’t been fun. As a result, Brynlee and I spent the majority of yesterday lounging on the couch, watching a compilation of her favorite shows, while I just tried to be some form of a functioning parent. Grateful for the entertainment they provided Brynlee while I was wondering how I was going to get my long list of to-do’s done in my current state, I got to thinking, I sure wouldn’t mind having a few those imaginary characters around to help me out.


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A few years ago, before I had Brynlee, I remember seeing a friend’s Facebook post musing about how she wished she had her very own Baileywick. At the time, long before I had ever seen an episode of Sofia the First, I had no idea what she was talking about. Fast forward a couple of years and many, many Disney shows later, we were watching Sofia and that post came slamming back into my brain and like whoa and I found myself wondering where I could get a Baileywick as well. While I’ve often had that thought, I really, really wish I had one yesterday, and well all this week really, okay forever… forever would be good.


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Oh Paw Patrol, I could definitely use a few of you talented pups! Let’s just shift your talents a bit. How about Marshall the Mopping Pup, Skye the High Flying Duster, Zuma the Wonderful Washer (laundry and dishes please) Chase is always on the Chore Case (taking care of all the odds and ends), Rubble the Yard Work Pup and Rocky, you can go ahead and stay the Fix It Pup and fix my leaky kitchen faucet and hang all my picture frames too, if you don’t mind. Oh, there all just such good pups, pup treats for all!


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While I certainly wouldn’t be able to take advantage of this in my current state, you get my point…

And these are just a few, I mean come on, those make believe TV show characters, they really have it made! Ah, the life…

Oh wait, then I remember that I wouldn’t trade mine for anything, I truly am blessed.

But here’s hoping I start feeling better soon!

And really, I wouldn’t mind a Baileywick, if someone had an extra *wink, wink*.

xo, Cassidi

Made It Monday – Fitted Tablecloth Tutorial

This was a make based purely on necessity and long overdue. We were totally those double income, no kids people when we furnished our house. While we knew we wanted kids eventually, for some reason we really didn’t take that into consideration when we were making our purchases. And so, we proceeded to buy expensive things that we quickly learned are certainly NOT toddler proof.


I’ve actually had this idea mulling around in my head for a while now. I purchased this fabric on a huge discount ($1.50/ yard) from Joann’s when Brynlee was only a few weeks old, knowing it would make a fun tablecloth for us to bake on together. And while I don’t know what took me so long to turn it into one, I’m glad I waited until I thought of making a fitted tablecloth, I hate how much conventional tablecloths shift around with the amount of squirming Brynlee does. This one stays put and I love it!


The corner pockets hug the table nice and tight.


We spent one day last week making cookies to test out this tablecloth.


It performed exactly as imagined, zero shifting, no getting caught under Brynlee’s knees and I never had to worry about Brynlee pulling the tablecloth down and knocking our baking supplies on the ground. Plus, we had plenty of work space.


It was a lot easier for Brynlee to particpate in baking on the table, where she could comfortably sit in a chair, instead of standing on a stool at our tall kitchen island. She would sometimes have trouble reaching something or would wobble a bit and I was always worried about her accidentally stepping off the back or side.


Baking and decorating cookies at the table was a lot more comfortable.


Especially for this pregnant lady, I’ve been getting a lot of back pain when I’m on my feet for too long, so this was a nice alternative.


We still got to do one of our favorite activities together.


And Brynlee really improved on her cookie decorating skills. I’m not sure what was more fun for her, decorating the cookies, or licking her fingers.


When we were done, I simple wiped the tablecloth down with my favorite cleaner and it was good as new! And my wood table was perfectly protected!

Want to make your own?


Oil Cloth – measure your table, mine is 46″x 92″, so I needed about 2.75 yards ( you can get oil cloth here, here or here)

5/8″ Elastic- I used 3 yards for my large table, which was about 1/2 of the total perimeter of my table. You can use more or less depending on how stretchy the elastic you use is.

Cutting mat and rotary cutter

Sewing machine


 This tablecloth has been so great for our family, we love to bake on it, Brynlee can color on it without us worrying about marker on the table and it’s beyond perfect for crafts, especially when glue is involved. This tablecloth cleans up very nicely and I’m not worried about it getting ruined. It only take a couple of hours and is inexpensive to make.

If you make one of your own use #blissfullymadeblog so I can see it too!

Happy Sewing!!

xo, Cassidi

Toddler Style- Picture Day

Brynlee had her first picture day at Preschool yesterday and I was so excited to take her shopping for a new outfit.

We found so many cute options at Crazy 8 and Gymboree, I had to share them here.


Outfit One (Dress, Headband, Shoes) / Outfit Two (Dress, Headband, Shoes)

Outfit Three (Dress, Bow, Shoes) / Outfit Four (Top, Jeans, Flower Bows, Shoes)

Brynlee’s pictures were in front of a smokey blue background so I wanted to find something that would really make her pop. After shopping around and seeing all of the bright pink, I knew that would do the trick. I love how it was paired with blue so it would still match the background and not clash.

So, what outfit did we choose?


Brynlee loves her new dress.


And the perfectly matching bow.


I cannot wait to get the pictures back, as tough as it was sending my baby off to school, I really love moments like these.

xo, Cassidi

Pinners Conference

You guys, I am so, so , so excited!! Pinners Conference is coming to Arizona this October!!! A fun filled day of shopping, crafting and meeting some of my favorite bloggers!!


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Who’s going?

There are so many classes available, I’m having a hard time deciding which ones to take. Here are just of few of the classes I’m looking at, but they are all so good, it’s going to be hard to choose!


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And these are just handful of the offerings! I mean, how do you choose? It’s definitely going to be a struggle.

Let me know what your favorites are!

xo, Cassidi

Bring on Fall



By now you can probably tell that I have Fall on the brain. I am dreaming of those cooler temps and can hardly wait until I can start opening my windows again. Oh and also when I can get in my car without fear of 3rd degree burns…

So, I thought I would do a little round up of affordable accessories to help bring your summer wardrobe into Fall.

I recently ordered this utility jacket (50% off!!), I’ve wanted one for a couple of years now and am so happy I finally pulled the trigger. This one is very light weight, definitely a must here in the desert, and I love that it has a drawstring around the waist so you can adjust the shape of the jacket instead of if just being boxy and/or baggy.

As a mama, I’m am constantly hauling around a plethora of snacks, drinks and toys to keep my little entertained while out and about. So small bags just aren’t cutting it these days, I’m loving the size and color of this tote.

Hats are a relatively new trend that I’m buying into. I’ve always loved them, but have never really worn them much. Then last year I purchased a felt hat from Target and fell in love! They are amazing for bad hair days or day when you will be outside for extended periods of time, I love wearing mine to the zoo.

Booties are another trend that I am just recently buying into this season. As I’ve said before, I’m not much of a heal person these days, but these look short and supportive enough to work for me. I love them paired with some skinny jeans and a utility jacket or sweater, so I might have to snag a pair before too long.

Sunglasses are really an everyday thing for me here and long gone are the days of buying designer sunglasses. These are a great price point, only $12, so if Brynlee grabs them off my face or I lose them I’m not going to be too worried. My go to sunglasses are always a cat eye, but I usually stick to black. I’m excited to try out some tortoise shell for Fall.

All hail the poncho!! I love this Fall trend! I have a few from last year and love throwing them on whenever it gets chilly. These are perfect for early morning school drop offs, thrown over a tee and some leggings. Or paired with some skinny jeans, booties and a hat for your errand running. I hope these stay around a while.

And of course, the blanket scarf. As a mom, I love these, they double as a scarf for me and a blanket for Brynlee if she need one (also perfect for taking to cold movie theaters). If you’re a nursing mom, these are definitely big enough to keep you well covered and you and your baby warm.

What are some of your favorite Fall trends?

xo, Cassidi

Pom Pom Pillow Covers


I just wanted to pop in and share two new pillows I made for our living room. Our couch came with a lot (like 9) hideous standard throw pillows and I’ve been working to find pretty fabric to make pillow covers for them.


I used an invisible zipper on the bottom of these, but you could make it even easier on yourself and make a pocket pillow cover if you want to make some.The fabric is from Joann’s and so is the yarn I used to make the pom poms.


If you’ve never made pom poms, these make it super easy and quick. I used the larger size for these, made 8, one for each corner on my two pillows and hand sewed them on once I finished the pillow cover.

I love how they turned out and Brynlee has declared them to be her most favorite pillows. I could barely get her off them long enough to take these pictures and currently, as I type this, my dog is using one of the pom poms as a pillow while she sleeps. So, I’d say they are a win!

Now on to make about a dozen more, okay, 7 more…

xoxo, Cassidi

Brynlee’s Big Girl Bed

If you follow along on Instagram (and you should @blissfullymadeblog), then you are already caught up on the drama that has ensued from transitioning Brynlee out of her crib. If you don’t, here’s how it went:

Brynlee has always loved her crib and has always slept really great in it. She only ever climbed out once and never attempted to again, which is why we left her in it, happy and content, for this long. However, with a baby on the way, we wanted to work on getting her transitioned to a big girl bed so we could use her crib mattress for the baby instead of having to buy a new one. Our plan was to first transition to a toddler bed for around 6 months or so, until baby boy comes in December, then transition again to a full size bed (her crib is a convertible that transitions to all 3). And that is what we did, she was super excited about her toddler bed and we thought we had totally won as parents! She was sleeping great, loved to just sit and play in it and all was great in toddlerland. And then after about a week, everything came crashing down and she refused to sleep in it. We have no idea what happened, she never rolled out of it or had a bad experience that we know of, but it was taking us 2-3 hours to get her to sleep at night, then she would wake sometime between 1-3am and would NOT go back to sleep. Which is not something that was working for any of us, we were all tired and grumpy and it was just awful.

Finally after about a week of this, she admitted that her toddler bed was too small… We’re still not sure how the crib was okay, but the toddler bed was suddenly too small, but great! We finally had an answer to what was wrong and knew how to fix it.



So,we immediately hopped on Amazon (thank goodness for Amazon Prime) and ordered this mattress, which is wonderful by the way. And this foundation, which sadly didn’t fit within our full size bed frame and had to be sent back, so we ended up with this low profile box spring instead and I actually like it a lot better. We love that it keeps the height of the bed low enough for Brynlee to still be able to climb on and off without a step. We also ordered this mattress protector and it is great, you can’t even tell it’s on there.


Having to order a different foundation set us back a couple of days, which meant a few more sleepless nights, but that is all behind us now, so we can happily say it all worked out!


Brynlee loves having a bigger bed and it really seems to have solved our sleeping problems. We have continued out nighttime routine and she always happily goes to sleep right after. The first couple of nights she did wake up once during the night, but went right back to sleep on her own.


She picked out these sheets from the Pillowfort Collection at Target, her white bedding set is also from Target, its Room Essentials and right now through 8/27 you can get an extra 30% off through Target Cartwheel.

I’ve had a few questions about whether or not we use a toddler rail on the open side of her bed and the answer is no. Initially I planned on getting a pool noodle to stick under her fitted sheet, I’ve heard this has worked well for others. But didn’t end up getting one before her first night in it, so instead I stick her two pillow shams on the outside of her bed and tuck them in under her sheet and comforter. She sleeps closest to the wall and we haven’t had any issues with her rolling out.

She sleeps really soundly now and loves her new big girl bed. She likes to take her books and sit and read on it and has actually spent a lot more time actually playing in her room now that she has it, even though she has less floor space now. All in all it has worked out great and we are once again a happy, well rested, household.

xoxo, Cassidi