Back to work…

Well it happened… After 12 amazing weeks at home with my sweet little Brynlee Bee, I had to return to work on Monday.


I have been dreading this day for weeks. I love spending time with my girl and the thought of leaving her was heart breaking.  It has been so much fun seeing her grow and her personality develop throughout these past months. She is so happy in the morning, providing me with tons of smiles, which I love!


And it’s amazing to watch her learn to figure things out. She loves spending time on her gym mat listening to the music it plays and kicking or swatting at the toys dangling off of it. And she has been trying so hard to rollover during tummy time, but hasn’t quite achieved it yet. It makes me sad thinking about the possibility about missing some of her firsts…


But I do have comfort in knowing that we found an amazing in-home daycare. They really love having Brynlee there and I know she will make a lot of friends and look forward to going each day. Honestly, it seems as though she is fine with it, they have remarked on how good she is and she seemed to just settle right in.  While here I am, sitting at working, counting down the minutes… But I guess that is how it goes.


*off to daycare on her first day*

Fortunately, I have been blessed to work with such wonderful people who understand what I am going through and have offered their support. My first day back I was received with such warm welcomes that it took my mind off the separation anxiety I was having for a little while, which was nice. We have quite a few new moms at my work, so it was nice to have their support and words of kindness that it will get easier. And I know that it will, but on Day 2 as I was driving to work I was thinking that it would probably get harder first. After getting home Monday night I only had about 2.5 hours with her before she fell asleep for the night, so that made me miss her that much more the next day. I do believe that it will make me cherish the moments I have with her even more though. Every night after her bath, we have our nighttime snuggles and I feed her before she falls asleep in my arms. I am just so grateful to have those precious moments with her and am constantly reminded of what blessing she is.


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