Rollin’ with my homies…

Wouldn’t you know that no sooner do I write in this post that Brynlee has been trying soooooo hard to rollover during tummy time that she does!!! She did it!!


*snapped within seconds of her rolling over*

I was so excited!!! Seeing her firsts are absolutely amazing!!  I only wish I was able to stay home with her so I could see them all! It was actually quite funny when she did. I had her playing on her gym mat and then I switched her to tummy time, but I don’t think she was really feeling it at that moment. She started to make some grunting noises and was wiggling around. I thought it was cute, so I reached for my iPhone to take a picture and before I could even get the camera open, she just rolled right over!!!! I don’t think she really knew what had happened because she kind of had a surprised look on her face. I screamed “oh my gosh!! Landon!!!” (he was upstairs), since I didn’t really say more than that he came running down thinking something was wrong. But there I was sitting on the floor with a huge grin on my face!  He was like “What? What?” I told him she just rolled over!!! I was so proud of her!!!! So I put her back on her tummy and true to form, she is quite the stubborn girl, she didn’t do anything… she just stayed contently on her tummy. I tried to urge her over by giving her a little nudge, but nope, she wasn’t preforming for anyone, not even daddy!  So there you have it, she’s rolled over exactly one time and no matter how many times I’ve tried to get her to do it again she’s determined it’s not going to happen until she is good and ready! I think she gets that from her father… although if you were to ask him, I’m pretty sure he would say that trait came from me… guess we’ll never know!


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