Brynlee’s Transition to her Crib

Brynlee has officially slept in her crib for 3 weeks! Ever since I went back to work and it has gone far better than I thought it would!!! During my maternity leave, I would frequently put Brynlee in her crib for naps, just to get her used to sleeping in it, so that when we finally transitioned her to it full-time it wouldn’t be so traumatic. From the first time I put her in her crib she loved it, she likes to stretch out, which is something that she couldn’t really do in her bassinet, so whenever we would put her in there she would stretch and wiggle around and be perfectly content. We decided to move Brynlee to her room when I went back to work for 2 reasons, 1) we have our ceiling fan on in our room and noticed that Brynlee was getting a stuffy nose. We tried turning our fan off and that really helped her nose, but it made our room too hot to sleep comfortably. And 2) we thought that getting ready in the morning would be too loud for her to continue sleeping and we wanted her to sleep until we had to get her up and ready because getting ready while she is awake can sometimes be challenging… That baby does not like to be ignored! 😀 Plus, we have a sound monitor and an awesome video monitor that has great night vision and syncs up to our iPad and iPhones, so while I worried pretty much the entire first night she was up there, I was able to trust that I would hear her if she started fussing after that.


*picture of the video feed to my iPad

And, if I randomly wake up in the middle of the night I can easily see that she is just fine on the video monitor so as I am getting used to the change and I worry a lot less. As for Brynlee, if anything, she sleeps better now! I think it’s because it’s so quiet in her room and we are not in there making noise and waking her up. I really thought it would be more difficult than it has been to transition her to her crib. I’m glad we had her take naps in there because I really think it helped her be comfortable in it from the beginning. I know some parents that have had a really difficult time with this transition, so I am grateful that, so far, things have gone smoothly and I hope that they continue to do so.


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