One thing I have learned in this past year is that despite my best efforts, things don’t always go as planned… I started this blog with the intention of posting 3 times a week, eventually building up to 5, writing about Brynlee updates or any DIY or craft projects I have done, but this last month has been tough. It has flown by and we have been so busy!!! On top of working full time and having an hour commute each way, Brynlee got sick (she had an ear infection), which basically meant that she wanted to be held ALL. THE. TIME. Something that I really actually loved, however, it was not so conducive to getting much done.


*Poor thing scratch her nose one night 😦

On top of that, we found out at her 4 month Well Check that we need to go see a cranial specialist because her head was a little flat in the back, apparently this is a common thing in preemies and usually due to infants sleeping on their backs. When we went to the specialist, we were told that she has Brachycephaly with Plagiocephaly and tightness on the right side of her neck, which basically means that she needed to get a DOC Band. The good news is that we caught it very early on, 4 months is the earliest you can get a one, and because of that she will hopefully only need to wear it 8-10 weeks.


Last week was the initial consultation, this week we take her back to get measured for the band and next week we get the band. Then we have to take her back each week for them to readjust the band. Luckily, once this is corrected it should be permanent and we will not have to worry about it again! And I am so grateful that she will not have to wear it for very long… Everyone says that it doesn’t bother the baby one bit, but I still worry that she will be uncomfortable.


*She was pouting, apparently I had used up my picture taking quota for the day

Anyway… with all of this going on, my poor blog was kind of left by the wayside. But I’m hoping that will all change now. I am getting into a better routine being back to work and while the mom guilt is still horrible, now that Brynlee is sleeping through the night I am able to stay up later, after she goes to bed, to get things done without taking my time away from her. So please bear with me as I get used to all these new transitions life is throwing my way.


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