Who doesn’t love a Baby Shower??

I love throwing parties and will try to find any excuse to have one! Of course, since Brynlee was born, I haven’t been able to have them quite as often, so when something like a baby shower comes around, I am all in!! My office recently went through a baby boom, it seems like that always happens, but this time around, one of my good friends, Crystal, is having a baby girl, so of course I jumped on the chance to throw her a baby shower! We are fortunate to work in a place that promotes these kind of activities, we throw baby showers and bridal showers for everyone! It is a great chance for all of the ladies in our building to get together and the men frequently joke that it is unfair that they can’t attend or have parties. The DO benefit from the leftover goodies though, and that makes them very happy. Crystal threw my baby shower at work back in May and it was so amazing! So I really wanted to make it special for her in return.


We usually keep it pretty simple, some decorations, drinks and cake. This time we decided to have a diaper raffle to get Crystal nice and stocked up! We also played the game where you can’t say “baby” or else someone can steal your necklace, we don’t usually play games at these showers, but it was a big hit and I’ve come to realize that I work with some pretty competitive people…


*The diaper raffle prize, a candle and set of blank note cards and the game prize, a Starbucks gift card!

I decided to go with cupcakes. I’ve found that for these types of functions, they are easier than having to worry about cutting a cake. Plus, I was able to have half chocolate and half white cake so everyone could have their preference. I got these cupcakes at Safeway for only $18 for 30 and they were delish!!! The cupcake toppers are from Hobby Lobby.


For the drinks, I just made raspberry lemonade and had water bottles.


I ordered pink swirl lollipops from Halo Heaven and put “It’s a Girl” stickers on them from Hobby Lobby for everyone to take with them.


I also found these mints at Hobby Lobby that I put on the table for people to enjoy throughout the shower.


I bought the paper lanterns at Hobby Lobby and made the poufs out of tulle. Then I just hung them from the ceiling with twine.


Then, I added a paper bunting I made to the windows to take up some of the blank space between the food and the hanging decorations.


I also made this name bunting for her to put in the nursery. Since she will be sharing a room I wanted to do something that wouldn’t take up much space, but also be special that she could use for a long time.


As part of her gift, I made her this car seat canopy cover. She saw the one I made for Brynlee and has been “hinting” ever since how much she would like one. The tutorial I used is over at Sew Much Ado.


The shower was so fun and I was so glad we were able to celebrate Crystal and her new baby!!!


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