State String Art

String Art is nothing new in the crafting world… but after seeing the State String Art all over Pinterest, I fell in love and knew I had to make my own! I thought it would be perfect on a gallery wall to break up all of the pictures and loved that I could put a little heart right where Gilbert is on the map.  I wanted to share the process I used with you, this is an easy fun craft that can be done in an afternoon, start to finish, I think it took less than 2 hours. It would also make a fun homemade present if you need an idea for the upcoming holidays.


State Map


Finishing Nails






First, I Google imaged Arizona State map and found one that was around the size I wanted, printed it, and then cut it out. I also cut out a little heart where Gilbert was. Then I headed to Home Depot and found some wood in their scrap bin. I had the hubby cut it to the correct size and I painted it brown, I figured that would be a good background color.

 Paint Wood

I centered my map on the piece of wood and taped it down. Next the fun begins… (insert sarcastic emoticon here) Start nailing your nails, fairly close together (I just eyeballed it) all along the perimeter and around the heart. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT do this while the baby is napping!!! It is very loud and even my husband was getting annoyed with the sound by the time I was done…

 Start Nailing Nail Heart Finish Nailing

To start the stringing process, I just tied a tiny loop at one end and hooked it on the nail I wanted to start with. Then just start looping your thread around the nails alternating from the state outline and the heart. This part goes fairly quickly and you will have to loop multiple times around each nail that is part of the heart while you work your way around, but just try to keep it fairly even and it will turn out fine!

 Start Stringing

*Sorry for the blurry picture. not sure what I was doing here…

Once you are done, tie of the end and cut the tail of the thread as short as possible to hide it. Attach a bracket to the back if you want to hang it on your own gallery wall, or it would also be cute on an easel on top of a console or table.



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