Adventures in Baby Food Making // Pumpkin

Since it is pumpkin season I just knew I had to take advantage of it a make some pumpkin baby food! I am a lover of EVERYTHING pumpkin (ahem… Pumpkin Spice Latte… ahem) and so I am hoping that Brynlee follows in my very pumpkin-y footsteps. Making pumpkin baby food was basically exactly like making butternut squash, so I feel like the process went a little faster this time around since I knew what I was doing.

First I picked up a Pie Pumpkin


Then I cut it in half and removed the seeds


And just like the butternut squash, I placed them face down in a baking dish, added about 1 inch of water and baked it at 400* for about 1 hour. I tested it was done by taking a spoon and pressing it against the skin, when it feels soft, you are good to go!



Once I took it out of the oven, I used spoons to scrape the “meat” out of the shell.


This time I decided to try my food processor instead of my blender to see if there was any significant difference. Both worked just fine, I would probably lean more towards using my blender in the future since there are less parts to clean… but either will get the job done.


Once it was pureed I put it in the ice cube trays and put those in the freezer to set. The pie pumpkin didn’t produce nearly as much food as the butternut squash did, but it was a pretty small pumpkin so I was expecting that. I might have to do another one before the season ends.


Once they were frozen, I put them in labeled zip lock bags and will just thaw them as I need them.


When I first starting telling people that I wanted to make Brynlee’s baby food, I got a lot of “are you crazy!!!!” looks and people telling me that it will take too much time. But I have to say so far it has been extremely easy… I usually make it while I am doing something else in the kitchen such as clean or make breakfast or dinner. I plan to up my production and make a few things each week to make sure I have a good variety. So far, I have only made things on the weekends, but I think I could easily get it done after work too. I’ll try it out and let you know how it goes!


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