Adventures in Baby Food Making // “White” Sweet Potato

So… this weekend I went to a baby shower and my husband did the grocery shopping. I had decided that next in my baby food line up would be sweet potatoes, so I asked him to pick some up while he was there. When I got home from the baby shower, Brynlee was in a pretty good mood, so I decided I would go ahead and get them done. When I took them out of the bag and washed them, I thought they looked a little light, but I had never made anything sweet potato from scratch before, so I was hoping that once I baked them they would get that signature orange color. However, after an hour in the oven, they were still light!!! After asking Landon if he was sure that he had gotten sweet potatoes and he said “yes, that’s what the sign on the said”, I decided it was time to turn to my trusted friend, Google! This is when I found out that there is such a thing as a “white” sweet potato!!! Please tell me I am not the only one who didn’t know this… Since I had already baked them, I didn’t want them to go to waste, so after doing some research I found out that they were still safe to Brynlee to eat, however, since the white sweet potato is not as sweet as the orange one I was so used to, sometimes babies don’t take to it quite as easily. I still plan on making the orange sweet potatoes, but I figured I might as well give these a shot to see how it went.

Anyway on to the process:

First give them a good wash.

DSC_0137 - Copy

Then, using a fork, poke a bunch of holes in them and wrap them in tin foil.


Then bake them at 400* for about an hour. I tested them by using a hot mitt to apply pressure to make sure they were soft.


When I took them out, I let them sit for a few minutes so I wouldn’t burn my fingers as much…

Here’s my little helper!! So cute!!!


Once they were cooled I used a spoon to scrape the skin off, this was a much easier method that scooping the “meat” out.


I attempted using a blender to puree this, but mine kept getting stuck… I have the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker/ Bottle Warmer so I decided to give that a try. While I did have to puree in a couple of batches, it worked like a charm!!! It was easily able to get the sweet potatoes to a very smooth consistency.


Once it was to the consistency I wanted (you can add a little water if it is still too thick), I divided it into the ice cube trays. I didn’t have enough this time and had to use a little container for the rest of it, so I think it is time to invest in a few more… It will make it easier to make multiple items in one day anyway. Then into the freezer they went and 24 hours later I removed them and put them in a labeled zip lock bag like the others…


So far, everything I have made has been extremely simple, it hasn’t taken very much time and is inexpensive. Plus I have really enjoyed being able to make food for Brynlee. I haven’t done any fruit yet, so I will have to try that out sometime soon, not sure if that will prove to be more difficult or not, but I will let you know!


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