Adventures in Baby Food Making // Carrots

We went to Costco!!!! Enough said, right?


Anyway, to continue my adventure in making all of Brynlee’s food I decided to try carrots next. Our pediatrician said that they are a great first baby food because they are a little sweeter and babies tend to like eating them more. So as we were on our bi-weekly Costco run and I came across this giant bag of carrots (do not use the pre-cut/peeled baby carrots that come in a bag), I knew now was the time to try ‘em!

I started out by peeling the carrots and chopping them up in smaller chunks. Needless to say, by the time I was done with this monstrous bag, my hands were starting to look a little orange…


After I was done, I steamed them in a big pot with a steamer basket. I had to do two batches.


Once they are soft, I pureed them in my Cuisinart Baby Food Maker. This took a while since I was doing so many at one time.


Then I put the puree in my ice cube trays to freeze. I forgot to take a picture of this step…

Then into the zip lock back they went to wait until I needed them.

All in all, this was probably the easiest although, most time consuming process yet. However, it made a lot, far more than anything else I’ve done so far! So it will last me a while. Carrots would also be a great easy thing to make in a pinch if you are doing a smaller batch. While the other things I’ve tried have taken around an hour to bake, steaming and pureeing a small batch of carrots would probably take around 20 minutes.


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