Brynlee’s 5 Month Update

Wow!!! Am I behind!! Brynlee is 9 months old now and I still haven’t even posted her 5 month update. Because of this and to help me catch up, I’m going to post her monthly updates 5-9 consecutively and hopefully will get her 10 month update out on time! I think I underestimated a little how busy I would be working full time and just being exhausted by the time Brynlee goes to bed. It doesn’t really help that she doesn’t like to go to bed early and not matter how hard we try the earliest she will go to bed is between 8:30-9:00pm. There have been a few times she has stayed up until almost 10:00. I know there are a lot of full time mama bloggers out there, but I guess I’ve just had a hard time finding my rhythm. Hopefully I will be better about it going forward because blogging is definitely something that I’ve found I really enjoy doing and it has been weighing heavily on my mind that I haven’t put in the effort I originally wanted to into it. And so, without further ado…

Brynlee’s 5 Month Update (keep in mind that I did write the updates during the correct times so that they would be as accurate as possible, I was just lazy about posting them):


I’m not quite sure how this happened, but somehow, my baby is 5 months old!!! I was always told that once I had a baby that the time would just fly by and she would grow up so fast! And it is completely true!! It has been so amazing to see my little Brynlee grow these past 5 months. I spend hours just watching her learn and try to figure things out. She is doing this new thing where she will stare inquisitively at her hand and move it around, the look on her face is priceless and you can almost see the wheels turning. This keeps her entertained for a while too! It is also so fun to see her little personality develop. She is such a happy baby and smiles so much. I just love her smile, it lights up a room and is definitely contagious. She gets especially excited any time our dog Lola comes around. Brynlee just loves Lola and Lola is definitely warming up to Brynlee. When we were visiting family over Thanksgiving Lola was very protective of Brynlee, it was so cute to see that.


Weight: We haven’t been back to the doctor to get her exact weight, but if I had to guess, I would say around 15 pounds. Her legs are getting so chunky, I love it!! Baby leg rolls are so cute!


Health: Brynlee had her first ear infection a couple of weeks ago. We caught it very early on and it didn’t seem like it really bothered her at all, but I still felt bad and I hope this isn’t a reoccurring thing. Other than that she has been fairly congested since she started day care. It’s worse when we have her sleeping flat on her back in her crib, so whenever she starts to get bad we have her sleep a few nights in her MamaRoo until it goes away. We also have a cool mist humidifier running while she is sleeping, her pediatrician suggested this to help with the congestion.

 eep: Brynlee is not much of a nap taker, she will take a few during the day, but they aren’t for very long. Every once in a while, when we’ve had a busy day she will sleep for a few hours at a time, but those are few and far between. She is great at sleeping through the night though, which is something that both Landon and I appreciate, especially during the week when we have to get up early for work. The only time she wakes up during the night now is if she is congested or has a cough and it wakes her up, even then more often than not she is able to put herself back to sleep, but every time she coughs I have to watch the video monitor until she falls back asleep, just in case. Sometimes I even sneak into her nursery to double check on her just for the added reassurance.


Social: I’ve always thought Brynlee was such a social baby, but over Thanksgiving she definitely preferred being with Landon or I. She was a little overwhelmed by all of the family being around and she was getting over tired because we couldn’t get her to take any naps, so I think she liked the comfort of being with me or Landon while everything was going on.

Diet: Brynlee is still eating mostly formula, however we are feeding her baby food once a day, usually in the evening before her bath time. She is still getting used to the new tastes and gives us some pretty funny faces for the first couple of bites, but once she is used to whatever she is eating she gobbles it up! Our girl likes to eat. It’s so funny when we feed her a bottle, as soon as she sees it her eyes are locked on it and she reaches for it and will grab it and put it in her mouth. She isn’t holding her own bottle yet, but if it is anywhere near her she always grabs for it.


Clothes: We recently bumped Brynlee up to her 3-6 month clothes, not because she grew out of the 0-3 month, but because all of those clothes were for a warmer climate and now that it has cooled down here we needed to start dressing her warmer. The tops are all still a little baggy, but the bottoms are perfect! I think she has long legs because the length is perfect while everything else is a little baggy…

Crying: Brynlee definitely lets you know when she wants something. When she decides she is hungry it she will go from being the happiest baby to screaming immediately, no warning! So we’ve learned to pay close attention to her eating schedule and will try to beat the cry. Other than that and being over tired she is a very content and happy baby.


Likes: She LOVES Lola, anytime Lola moves into her line of sight she just lights up and will laugh and smile. If Lola gets closed enough she will reach out for her. She’s been pretty good about not grabbing Lola’s fur, she just puts her hand on her. In return, Lola will lick her hand or her feet and every once in a while will get a sneak attack in and lick her face. Brynlee thinks it is the greatest when Lola does that, she will laugh and just continue to stare at Lola. Sometimes when she starts getting fussy for food we will bring Lola by her to divert her attention until her bottle is ready, it works surprisingly well! She also loves spending time in her jumper. All of the different activity areas keep her entertained for a long time. And she has a lot of fun jumping around and moving in it. Another thing she really likes is getting out of the house. When we go places on the weekend she seems so happy! I think sometimes she gets bored at home and she likes to people watch, she will stare at what others are doing all day! At day care she will sit in a jumper and watch the older kids play and is perfectly content, otherwise she wants to be held while she is watching them, but she will twist and turn until she can see what she wants if you try to move her away. She is so observant!

Milestones: She is still talking a ton and rolling over. She tries to sit on her own and can hold it for a couple of seconds but then loses her balance and falls over. We practice with her a lot because I’ve heard that really helps them. She does a lot of scooting around whenever she is on her play mat or in her crib and is such a little wiggle worm. When she is on tummy time she moves her legs like she is trying to crawl, but doesn’t get her belly off the floor. I’m not sure that I am quite ready for a crawler yet anyway.


DOC Band: Brynlee has had her helmet for 3 weeks now and has made amazing progress!! I cannot believe how much it has helped her head shape already! She wears it for 23 hours a day, we take it off at bath time and clean it, then leave it off for the remainder of the hour and play with her while she gets her break. For the most part she seems pretty used to it. The only time she acts like it bothers her is when she is over tired, then she pulls at it, but I think that is just because she is uncomfortable from being tired more than anything else. She sleeps just fine in it, I was worried that she would stop sleeping through the night once she had it, but luckily that hasn’t been a problem. Getting her dressed has been a little more difficult though, I can’t go over her head anymore, now I have to put on and take off all of her clothes from her legs… But that’s been a small adjustment overall.


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