6 Month Update  

How is it possible that my baby is already 6 months old??? Everyone always told me that your little ones grow up fast, but I never could have imagined how quickly time is passing by. With that said, it has been so fun to watch Brynlee learn and grow. From being that tiny newborn that slept all of the time to a baby full of personality and curiosity that wants to get into everything! She hasn’t started crawling yet, but I can already tell that when she does we are in big trouble!!!


Weight: When we took her to her 6 Month Well-Check she was 16 pounds 4 ounces, but she got sick and when we went back for her follow up she was 15 pound 9 ounces.


Health: Poor baby got so sick over Christmas. It started with her having a cough and spitting up almost everything she ate. I was so worried! We ended up having to supplement with pedialyte to make sure she was staying hydrated and she was able to keep that down at least. We went to the pediatrician 4 times within a two week period. Her coughing moved down into her lungs and turned into Bronchialitis, which then required us getting a nebulizer and giving her a breathing treatment 3 times a day. She was also on Amoxicillin, but then she developed a horrible diaper rash (which they gave us a cream for that thankfully took care of it) as a result and even got an ear infection in each ear. I was so grateful that the H and I both had taken some time off around Christmas so we could be home with her. Anyway, once she developed the ear infection the bumped her up to a better prescription. She still wasn’t able to keep any formula down, so after talking with the pediatrician we decided to make the switch to Soy. Throughout all of this she never ran a fever and still had a very happy temperament, but I was beyond stressed out about it and getting frustrated that she wasn’t getting better. After Christmas, Landon and I both had to go back to work, but my mom offered to come down on the Thursday after Christmas and my aunt came down that Friday. They both live about 2-2 ½ hours away, so we were extremely grateful. Finally the weekend after Christmas, Brynlee started sounding better, she wasn’t coughing anymore and we couldn’t hear the congestion in her lungs. I was so happy!!! It was about time! I couldn’t stand having my little baby be sick and not know what I could do to make her better! That Monday we took her for another follow up and the pediatrician confirmed that her ears were better and she no longer had Bronchialitis. Finally, a clean bill of health!!! She is teething now though, she has two teeth already and two more that are trying their best to break through, so that has been giving her some aggravation.


*her two teeth peeking out

Sleep: Brynlee has been so great about sleeping through the night, but when she was sick she would wake up multiple times a night from coughing. We ended up moving her from her crib to her swing during that time so she was elevated a little. That seemed to help some with the congestion, but she would still wake up when she would have a coughing fit. A little comforting and cuddling from us would put her right back to sleep. Now that she is over being sick she is back to sleeping pretty well, sometimes she will wake up a little early on us, around 4:00am wanting to eat, but she usually waits until 6:00am.


Social: Brynlee still loves being around people and wanting to go out and about whether we are running errands or I take her shopping with me. I just think she gets bored if we are always home and we are having such great weather here right now that it makes it nice to take her out. One thing I have noticed is that when she starts getting overwhelmed she wants to either be with Landon or I. At Christmas when there were a bunch of kids around and it was loud, she still liked watching it all, but she didn’t really want to be held by anyone but us. Once things calmed back down she was perfectly fine being passed around to our families.


Diet: Well, we switched her to Soy just before Christmas and she has been doing really well on it ever since. We have introduced her to most of the baby first vegetables, but once she got better the pediatrician said that we should start her on fruits too. We’ve tried bananas and she was not a fan… I want to make some apples and pears for her this weekend to see how that goes. Also, we are moving from feeding her solids once a day to twice a day. While she was sick, she wasn’t keeping the baby food down either so we had cut that out too until she was better. She’s been keeping everything down since we re-introduced it on Monday.


Clothes: Brynlee is still wearing 3-6 month clothes, though some 3-6 month onesies are too small. Most of her pajamas are 6-9 months. Some of the 3-6 month pajamas are too short for her. She got a ton of new clothes for Christmas from family, they are all so cute and I can’t wait to see her in them!!

Crying: Previously the only time Brynlee really cried was when she was hungry or got overtired, but while she was sick she cried a lot more and now with her teeth bothering her she is a lot fussier. She has also been doing this “fake cry/grunting” noise whenever she wants to be held or get bored. She will be playing happily with her toys one minute, then “crying” the next until one of us picks her up, then she immediately stops crying and starts smiling at us. It’s frustrating because I know that she is “training” us to come running at her beckon call, but I don’t want her to work herself up and start crying for real. Plus I love cuddling with her so it really isn’t the worst thing when she wants to be held and comforted. I know that soon she will become Miss Independent so I want to soak up as many cuddles as I can before that happens!


Likes: Brynlee loves her jumper, some mornings she will go crazy in it jumping all around. Lately she has been very interested in the sun on it. She also loves staring at her hands. She will hold them in front of her face a move them around and be entertained for a long time! At first we were a little concerned because we hadn’t seen any other babies that did that, but the pediatrician assured us that it is perfectly normal. She is obsessed with Lola, whenever she sees her she immediately bursts into a huge grin! Sometimes when she is crying or fussy, we will bring Lola over as a distraction and it will calm her right down. Whenever Lola is nearby, Brynlee will try her best to scoot over to her (at this point she really doesn’t get far, but again, when she starts crawling we are all in trouble, including Lola!). Sometimes Lola will run up to her and lick her hand or her nose, she has been really good with her so far, but we always try to play defense and won’t let them too close together. We are worried that if Brynlee pulls on Lola’s fur that she might snap at her. She also loves any toys that play music, even if something comes on TV that plays music or sings she just loves it! She will stop whatever she is doing and just stare at it. It’s really cute!


Milestones: Brynlee got her two front teeth for Christmas!!!! They were her bottom two from teeth, but that counts, right? We noticed them when we were giving her a bath on December 11th. She started smiling and at the same time we both said “are those teeth!!!!”  Sure enough they were, they had just broken through and were basically two tiny white dots, but they were there!  Now she has two more trying to break through on the bottom and they are really giving her a hard time. With the others we didn’t really notice, but these ones have her gums protruding up, but not breaking. I can’t wait until they do so she can get some relief, but then I guess the next ones will be trying to grow in at that point anyway. I know that this is all part of the process, but it is so hard to see her when she is uncomfortable and hurting and not being able to do anything about. She is also just about to sit up on her own. I think having her helmet on really unbalanced her, because she would try and just topple over time and time again. Now she does pretty well, but will often fall back or to the side when she is reaching for something and she can’t get herself back up yet.

DOC Band: Brynlee is now helmet free!!! After 7 weeks, her head has grown the way it needed to and she is a much happier baby to have it off! And we are too!


As for me, it was so nice to have Brynlee home for those two weeks while she was sick, even though I wasn’t home every day with her, I was home most of them. So it was really hard dropping her back off at daycare. I really like our daycare and know that they really love her there, but being a working mom is just so hard sometimes. I feel like I miss out on so much during the week with her. I get home so late that I only get to spend a couple of hours with her before she goes to bed and that just isn’t enough. I know a lot of moms have to go through this, but having that glimpse of being home during that time was really nice and made coming back to reality that much harder…


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