8 Month Update

Brynlee is learning and growing so fast!!! She has such an intense curiosity, which makes the fact that she is now on the move quite interesting. Her personality continues to develop each day and it is amazing to see her look at things and figure them out. She is constantly surprising me with how much she retains. I think it is easy to forget how smart babies are little sponges for information. My husband recently taught Brynlee about those spring-like door stoppers that are attached to the wall. And by taught, he flicked one while she was playing with one of her other toys, she immediately stopped, craned her head around to see what the noise was and we haven’t been able to keep her away from them since. She seeks them out in every room. Thanks a lot Landon…


Weight: We will get her weighed again at her 9 month Well-Check, but I am guessing she is around 18 pounds. She is growing like a weed and loves to eat!!!


Health: This month we’ve been pretty lucky. We had a tough run throughout December and into January, but hopefully Brynlee will stay healthy for a while. There was a lice outbreak at her day care a few weeks ago. Fortunately Brynlee did not catch it, they said that usually babies do not get lice because their hair is so fine and thin, but it was still a scare to me. Eight kids at her daycare got sent home in one day! Our daycare was very proactive about it and got situation under control pretty quickly and I am thankful that they were so knowledgeable about it. Let me tell you, I have learned a ton about lice since then and while I hope we never have to deal with it in our own home, at least I feel confident in know what to look for and what options are out there if it ever does happen.


Sleep: I am so thankful that Brynlee is a good sleeper. She usually sleeps through the night and while there are times that she does wake up, she is a great self-soother and will put herself back to sleep relatively quickly. Landon and I have become an expert in telling the difference in her cries. There were so many times that she would wake up, fuss and one of us would get out of bed and run upstairs, only to have her be asleep when we got there. Now we know when it is just one of those times that she just wants to rollover or move and when it is actually something more serious.


Social: While Brynlee has definitely become a lot more attached to mama recently, she still loves getting attention from others. If we go out to eat and someone walks by her, she will stare at them almost as if she is begging them to stop and say something to her. And if they do stop, she is all smiles and giggles!


Diet: We still have Brynlee on a mix of formula and solid foods. We usually alternate between bottle and solid and that routine has worked out really well for us. The solid food journey has been an interesting one… I make her baby food and I have absolutely loved doing that! But we are finding now that certain foods that Brynlee liked in the beginning she will not eat now, like peas. When I first gave her peas, she couldn’t eat them fast enough, now I have a hard time getting her to open her mouth. I continue to try to give them to her in hopes she will start eating them again. Then on the reverse side, the first time I gave her banana, she wanted nothing to do with it. Now she eats it just fine. I’ve heard that in the beginning babies are more about texture than taste and I’m wondering if smell plays a big role in it too, I kind of think that is her problem with peas. But all in all, she is a very good eater and will eat most things I give her. So far her favorites have been pumpkin, sweet potato and butternut squash.


*she wiggles and moves so much Landon has to stay close by so she doesn’t fling herself off the chair!

Clothes: Brynlee is in-between 3-6 months and 6-9 months clothing, depending on the brand. I think she is getting closer to being in all 6-9 month clothes and I think that a lot of the 3-6 month clothes I had just ran big. Her legs though, are really long and some of the 6-9 month pants are too short, but the 9-12 month pants are so big in the waist that they just fall down. So, I guess that it is good that spring is in the air because Brynlee will be wearing a lot of “capris”…


Crying: We are fortunate that Brynlee is not much of a crier. Most of the reasons she cries is due to fighting off sleep. Thanks to her curiosity she has a hard time relaxing enough to take naps. I swear she is worried that she will miss something if she closes her eyes for just a second. As a result she can get quite cranky and will cry until I am able to finally coax her to sleep, usually with a bottle in a dark, quiet room while rocking her.


Likes: Well, she apparently really likes door stoppers… She also searches out any other toys that make a similar sound. And she loves to be tickled and will giggle and giggle. She is most ticklish on her ribs and the bottom of her feet. It is too cute! Lola is at the top of her loves list as well. Any tantrum can almost immediately be stopped by bringing Lola into her view. She likes to go on walks and swing on the swing. And most of all, she just loves being around us! We have an open floor plan downstairs, so I can see her from just about anywhere either one of us is at. If I walk into the kitchen while she plays in the living room, she will immediately start crawling towards me. She is happiest, when her whole family is together (Lola included), which is something that makes me happiest too.


Milestones: As I’ve mentioned, Brynlee is definitely on the move! She hasn’t mastered the traditional crawl, but that girl can “army crawl” just about anywhere. It’s so cute, she pulls herself forward with her arms and pushes herself with her right foot only, not sure why she never uses both. I guess as she gets better and actually gets up on her knees she will start to use both legs. She still only has her two front bottom teeth, but she is drooling like crazy, so I know more will pop in any time.

It still amazes me how much your life changes when you have kids, and yet is also changes so seamlessly. There are often times we reminisce about things we had done before Brynlee, but how not doing them now is not a big deal, never once have we felt as though we were missing out on something. The transition occurred without us even realizing it and what a wonderful thing it has been. Our lives revolve around out beautiful little Brynlee bee and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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