9 Month Update

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but Brynlee is officially ¾  of a year old! And she is always on the move!!! She has officially graduated from her army crawl to being up on all fours determined that no one will stop her. I never realized how exhausting having a baby on the move would be, but I am constantly chasing after her. As a result, we knew that baby proofing had just moved to the top priority list and so that is what we spent the weekend doing.


In other news, she has at least four if not five teeth coming in and let me tell you, that has been an interesting experience. Her first two teeth came in like it was nothing, but these ones have been nothing but trouble. Her top two have finally broken through, but it looks like she still has two more to the right and one more to the left that still need to come in. Needless to say we’ve had a lot of sleepless nights, some days I feel like I have a newborn again.


With all of that though, Brynlee is so much fun! She interacts with you so much more now and loves to babble back when you have conversations with her. Now that she can crawl she loves to explore every corner of our house. She has found our arcadia door and loves looking out the windows, especially when daddy is out there BBQing or doing yard work. He will wave at her from outside and her face will light up with excitement!


Aside from the bad teething moments, she is such a happy baby with the best personality. I love watching her grow and seeing the little person that she is becoming (however I am totally open to time slowing down just a little for me!).


Weight: At Brynlee’s 9 month Well-Check she was 18 pounds 10 ounces. She is growing really well and is in the 50th percentile. And she has the cutest little leg rolls! I absolutely love them and will miss them so much when she’s older.


Health: Unfortunately, ever since putting Brynlee in day care she has been sick a ton! We had a pretty good February, but other than that we’ve had to take her to the doctor every month. She’s had two ear infections in March alone, that’s 4 in the last six months. The doctor said that if she has another one we will have to see an ENT to talk about the possibility of putting tubes in her ears. I’m really hoping that it doesn’t get to that. It is getting a lot warmer here, so hopefully that will dry out a lot of the colds that are currently being passed around non-stop. At the moment though, she is perfectly healthy, not even a runny nose. But she just got off antibiotics for her last ear infection, so I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before it comes back.


Sleep: I have determined that Brynlee is a night owl… When I talk with a lot of my other mommy friends, their babies usually go to bed around 7:00, Brynlee usually stays up until 8:30-9:00. I’ve tried getting her to go to bed earlier, but she just plays around in her crib until she eventually gets bored, then she cries until we go get her. There are even some nights when she won’t go to bed until almost 10:00. The good news is that she is really good about sleeping through the night and on the weekends she usually sleeps in until 7:00-7:30.


Social: Brynlee is an extremely social baby. At her 9 month Well-Check the doctor even commented that he was very surprised that Brynlee was okay with him touching her as he checked her out and that she would even smile at him when he talked to her. He said most babies start to get the stranger danger fear around this age and are especially have it towards men, but she seemed to be just fine with him. When we get into a larger group setting I’ve noticed that she prefers to be with either me or Landon. But after a while she starts to get more comfortable and will easily go to other people to check them out. We were at a baby shower a few weeks ago and she was on the floor playing when she spotted Landon’s aunt (she’s only met this aunt once before when she was a newborn) and she immediately took off crawling towards her and tugged on her leg to be picked up. It was the cutest thing!


Diet: Oh, having Brynlee try new foods is so fun and entertaining. I love the faces she makes when she tries something new as she gets used to the texture. Currently her favorite food that I’ve made is a spinach, kiwi, pear mixture, she can’t seem to get enough of that. However, I have to mix her chicken with sweet potato in order to get her to eat that. I don’t think she likes the texture very much… She also really likes cheese now. It took a few tries before she seemed to really want to eat more, but now whenever I get it out she gets really excited. She does NOT like eggs! I keep trying and she wants nothing to do with them, even when I sprinkle cheese on top. Hopefully, if I keep at it she will eventually come to like them. I’m trying to give her a large variety of things so ideally she will not be a picky eater, but we will see how that goes. She still drinks bottles too, we usually alternate a bottle then a solid, starting with a bottle in the morning and ending with one right before bed. We also always keep puffs on hand, she loves the Happy Baby Sweet Potato puffs and one of her favorite things to do is to share them with Lola. Lola has found it is very beneficial for her to be under Brynlee’s highchair and now comes running whenever we put her in it.


Clothes: I just washed all of her 9-12 month clothes over the weekend because she is starting to grow out of some of the 6-9 months. Most if the tops or onesies still fit, but the pants are getting way too short. Plus, it is really warming up here and most of her 6-9 month clothes are long sleeves and Brynlee is already a hot baby as it is.


Crying: Brynlee has been crying a lot more than usual, but I attribute that mostly to the teething. There are days when you can’t even look at her without her crying. It breaks my heart to know she is in that much pain, but sometimes she doesn’t even want to be snuggled. I think that she is just so uncomfortable she doesn’t want anything and the only thing we’ve found that will soothe her is to lay her on her tummy and rub her back. She loves that and will often time fall asleep while we are doing that.


Likes: Brynlee likes to go anywhere! We’ve started putting her in her stroller facing out instead of keeping her in the infant seat and she just adores that! She loves to be able to see everything and when people passing stop to talk to her. Since she started crawling she has this new infatuation with the stairs (which is why we immediately had to baby proof and put up baby gates), she hasn’t really tried to climb them yet, she just likes to pull herself up on them and touch the carpet (our entire downstairs is tile, but the stairs and our upstairs is all carpet). She has a favorite doll, this one from Eric Carle, it has to go everywhere with us. We’ve found that she has started getting bored with her toys sometimes, so I’ve starting trying to rotate them so she doesn’t always have them all out all of the time. I especially like that it helps with the mess that has taken over our living room and the chances of stepping on a rouge toy has diminished significantly since. And of course, Lola is still her favorite and can always get her to smile.


Milestone: She is crawling everywhere!!! You cannot stop her when she wants to get somewhere. She is so determined. I repeatedly tell her no and move her somewhere else whenever she tries to get into something she shouldn’t (like Lola’s food bowl). But the moment I put her down she immediately starts back in that direction. Needless to say, I get quite the workout constantly chasing after her. She is also getting a mouth full of teeth right now and I will be so happy when they are all finally through! She’s starting to try to pull herself up on things, but she is very wobbly still and it worries me that we will fall and hit head. Landon or I are always right behind her with our hands out just in case we need to catch her. So much has happened in the last month with her development, it has been so fun and exciting to see. I know that she will continue to learn and grow in the coming months and while I wish time would slow down and I am excited to see her learn new skills and watch her personality develop even further.


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