Brynlee’s Easter Basket

I was so excited to be able to pick things out for Brynlee’s Easter basket and had so much fun shopping for everything. Even though I know that she will not have any idea what is going on this year, I still can’t wait to give it to her! I found the majority of the items I purchased at Target, but also got a few on Amazon.


*Clockwise from left

  1. Peekaboo Sophie– When we were walking through Target, I picked this up and started showing it to Brynlee, she immediately started laughing and smiling and I knew it had to go into the basket.
  2. B. Blocks– I like these because they are small enough for Brynlee to pick up and play with plus she can chew on them. Right now Brynlee has a ton of teeth coming in and tries to chew on anything and everything so I think she will really like these.
  3. Indestructibles Books: Mama and Baby and Flutter Fly–  Brynlee is exceptionally hard on her books, I’ve heard that these are great to let them play with and are virtually impossible to destroy so I’m hoping these will be a good alternative for her.
  4. Sun hat- Living in Arizona we need a lot of protection from the sun, I was looking everywhere trying to find a hat that fit Brynlee’s head, they were all too big. Then I finally found this one at Target, it has elastic around it so it fits well, but will grow with her throughout the summer.
  5. Outfit– Also from Target, this was just too cute of a summer outfit to pass up!
  6. Sunglasses- Just like with the hat, I wanted to find Brynlee some sunglasses to protect her eyes when we are on walks or at the pool. She hates it when the sun gets in her face!
  7. Easter basket- was a Target find, I think it was only $1 or $2 which is great in my book!
  8. Happy Baby Organic Fruit and Veggie Pouches– I usually always make Brynlee’s baby food, but sometimes when we are out for the day or on a trip we have to use these as an alternative, so I guess they are really more for my convenience than a gift for Brynlee, but she really enjoys them!


Instead of using grass (I know that would end up in her mouth immediately!!!!) I used some of the B. blocks.


I really can’t wait for her to find her Easter basket come Easter morning, I know that it will just get better and better from here on out, especially once she starts to understand it. We will be spending Easter with my husband’s family this year. Everyone gets together at his Aunt’s house and we have Easter dinner potluck style. Then there is a giant egg hunt for all of the kids and the Easter Bunny even makes an appearance!


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