Quick and Easy Spring Wreath

I love making wreaths and always have one on my front door. They are so welcoming and it is fun to be able to change them out with the season. They also make great presents, this would be a great idea for Mother’s Day coming up, and no one likes homemade presents more than Mom, right?

Last time I was visiting my mom, she sent me home with a grocery bag full of artificial flowers and a request for a spring wreath. I’m pretty sure she picked these up as part of one of those mystery grab bags at a craft store for only a couple of dollars.


After a quick run to Joann’s to pick up a grapevine wreath (using a coupon I got it for $2.50) I opened the bag of flowers and started picking out all the ones that caught my eye. There were a lot of great colors, which was perfect, because I wanted to make this wreath very colorful, one she would be able to use all season and into summer if she wanted. My method for making a wreath like this one is to just start placing flowers around on the wreath, rearranging and adding or taking away until I get an arrangement I like. Then I take my hot glue gun and carefully put a dab of glue under each flower and leaf to secure it into place.


*Craft Tip- if you have a lot of hot glue strings running all over your wreath, just blast it with your blow dryer and they will magically disappear!


Once I was done, I took it for a test run on my door and I couldn’t help but think there was something missing…


I liked all of the flowers and how colorful it was. I still had left over flowers, but I didn’t really want to add any more. I thought about adding her monogram or maybe the word spring to it, however, I didn’t really love any of those ideas either. Then I remembered, while I was at Joann’s picking up the wreath I had seen a wall full a butterflies and that would be the perfect thing to add to this spring/summer wreath. So back to Joann’s I went and lucky me, they were all 50% off, so for $2 I got my butterfly! I really think it makes it look so much better!


All in all, this wreath came in and under $10, but even if you can’t find a mystery grab bag full of flowers, this really wouldn’t cost much more, maybe $20 tops, just make sure you go on a week when your craft store is running a 50% off their floral department promotion.


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