Brynlee’s 10 Month Update

This is such a fun age! Brynlee is constantly amazing me by what she can do and how quick she learns and her personality is coming out more and more as she grows. Last night we taught her how to high five and she just thinks that is the greatest thing in the whole world! Seeing the joy on her face once she figures something out is second to none! We played high five most of last night and she laughed and laughed, more than I’ve ever heard her before. She was so proud of herself. She’s also been pulling herself up on everything and shimmying her way around things. She is still pretty wobbly on her feet so I don’t think walking will come anytime soon, be she is fearless when it comes to trying things (which scares this mama to death). She has finally gotten the butt fall down pretty well, so I am not as concerned about her falling and smacking her head on the tile. Landon and I are both still following her around constantly just to make sure though.


She’s also learned how to do kisses and it is the cutest thing! We will kiss her or blow her kisses and she will start making kiss sounds back to us. She sucks her cheeks in like she is making a fish face when she does it, I love it!!!


This poor girl has so many teeth coming through… as soon as one breaks through, another is on its way. I feel so bad for her, she can’t catch a break. Thank goodness for Tylenol and teethers!!! She’s up to six teeth now, four up top and two on the bottom, with another one on the way.


She has also turned into quite the mama’s girl, which part of me really loves, but I also want her to feel comfortable with our family and friends too.


Brynlee is such a sweet girl. We were recently in Utah visiting with family and they could not believe how smiley she was and how she rarely cried. They kept commenting on how she was the most smiley baby they had ever seen. She loves when people pay attention to her and talk to her and will smile every time. And those smiles melt my heart!! I love seeing them, so big and bright!


Weight: I would guess that Brynlee is probably around 20 pounds right now. She continues to grow and she definitely loves to eat, so we really have no worries there. It’s so cute watching her plump out then grow taller and then start the process over again.


Health: Ever since she has been out of day care she has been the picture of good health! Not even a runny nose (knock on wood). It has been such a blessing to stay home with her. I am so grateful that we able to do what is best for her. So here’s hoping that she will stay healthy and will not have any more ear infections so we can avoid getting tubes in her ears.


Sleep: We have taken a step back when it comes to sleep and I’m not sure if it has to do with teething or something else. She used to sleep through the night most nights and if she did wake up, she was able to easily put herself back to sleep. But the last few weeks she has been waking up at least once every night and can’t or won’t self soothe so one of us will have to go up there and put her back to sleep. She really likes it when we rub her back and sometimes that will work. But others I will have to rock her back to sleep, sometimes I’ve had to give her a bottle, although I don’t want to start her on the habit of eating in the middle of the night again. Hopefully this will stop soon, it definitely makes for two exhausted parents in the morning.


Social: Like I said before, Brynlee is definitely becoming a mama’s girl. Whenever she is tired or hungry or feeling uncomfortable all she wants is me to hold her. When we are with family and friends she will eventually warm up to them and will go to them, but usually she wants to stay right with me and will still have to keep me in her eyesight or she will start to cry and fuss. I’m not sure if this is part of the stranger danger or just a faze she is going through…

Diet: Brynlee loves to eat! She still eats a lot of the baby purees I make for her, but we have been introducing more and more solid foods to her and she seems to take them really well. I’ve been putting strawberry chunks in her oatmeal in the morning and she loves it! I’ve been thinking about trading her morning oatmeal out for greek yogurt with fruit, but she loves her oatmeal so much that I’ve had a hard time pulling the trigger on that. I’m sure this runs true for most babies, but she absolutely loves her Happy Baby Puffs, I’ve gotten a few different flavors and she can’t get enough of them! We have to be careful when we give them to her because she will stuff her mouth with them.


Clothes: Brynlee is still wearing some 6-9 month clothing, but mostly she is wearing 9-12 month clothes. Whenever I buy her clothes now, I always get the 12 month size. Sometimes it is a little big, but at least she will be able to grow into them. I’ve also been on the hunt for shoes. She has really small feet, she is just barely growing out of the 0-3 month size shoes and I’ve had a hard time finding any that fit her now. I am usually only able to find 2’s or bigger and those are way too big on her still.

Crying: For the most part, Brynlee is an extremely happy baby and rarely cries, with the exception of at night when she wakes up and sometimes when she gets over tired. She has started a new thing where she will do a fake cry when she doesn’t get what she wants. Like when we close a door to a place that she has decided she wants to go, one of her favorites is the fridge, every time we open it she makes a bee line for it and when we close the door before she gets there she will cry for about 20-30 seconds every.single.time.


Likes: She has a new obsession with balls, one will keep her entertained for a good 5-10 minutes (which is basically a miracle). She will roll it around or throw it and chase after it. When she catches it she is so proud of herself. Sometimes we will both sit on the ground and roll it back and forth between each other. She doesn’t quite have the rolling back down yet, I usually do it for her, but she’s done it a few times and I’m sure she will catch on soon. She still loves Lola of course, now that she is on the move I think Lola probably likes her a little less, but overall she is still pretty good with Brynlee.  She loves to explore and get into everything! She likes to go on walks and spend time outside and she loves to swing. Whenever we got to the swings she is all smiles and seems to have the time of her life! Sadly, it is starting to get pretty hot here now, we go on walks in the evenings and when there is a breeze it is actually pretty nice, but in the next month or so it will probably get too hot to stay out for long.  She also really enjoys pulling my dish towels off of the hook or oven door to play with them. I can rarely keep them there anymore. She loves it when daddy comes home after a long day at work and she loves when we all spend time together. Her favorite is when we are sitting on the couch and she will keep going back and forth between us, she laughs the whole time and it works out that it is usually in the evening because it really tires her out and gets her ready for bed.


Milestones: She is constantly learning new things, like kisses, or pulling herself up on things and shimmying around. Did I mention that I am so grateful now that we have a cushioned ottoman as our coffee table instead of one with sharp edges??? We can no longer keep the tray on it very often, but it is definitely worth it to protect her from hitting her head. We’ve started calling her our little noise maker because she is constantly mimicking other noises. Last night she was blowing air through her lips making motor sounds for a good hour. She definitely makes us laugh!


I’ve truly enjoyed watching Brynlee learn and grow over the months. As sad as I am that I no longer have my tiny little baby to cuddle in my arms it makes up for it watching her personality grow and the pride she has when she learns something new.  She is so precious to me and I am so thankful to call her mine. I love the age that she is at right now and being able to watch her try new things, it seems she wants to touch, tastes and smell everything. Oh, yes, she has also started to pick up everything she can find and immediately put it in her mouth… I am constantly pulling things out of her mouth and I can tell you right now that our floors have never been so clean! I’m really hoping she grows out of this soon…


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