Our Weekend…

   What a wonderful, relaxing, low-key weekend we had. I usually always go out of town for Memorial Day weekend, so it was nice to stay home and spend it together as a family. It was especially nice having Landon home for 3 days. We were able to get a lot of stuff done that has been on our “to do” list and I know Brynlee loved having the extra daddy time.

We kicked off the weekend with a BBQ and some pool time over at Landon’s sister’s house on Friday. Brynlee loved the pool and spent most of the time splashing and crawling back and forth along the first step. I spent most of the time sitting on the second step following her with my hands out. But it was a lot of fun to see her experience this new thing and see how excited she got as she splashed about.

Then Saturday we spent the day finally hanging our gallery wall along our staircase. Yes… you read that right, we’ve lived in this house for 4 years and had not yet done our gallery wall. Actually, all of our walls are a little bare. We always comment on it, but never seem to do anything about it. I just finished reading Nesting Place, which is all about making the home you live in your dream home instead of waiting for your actual dream home before you decorate and it really hit home for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home, but when we bought it we called it a starter home (and have continued to do so) and I guess I just kept waiting to do anything until we moved to another. However, with me quitting my job, moving is going to be out of the question for a while so I’m going to put my efforts into making this our dream home. Anyway, to get back on topic, we finally got to the gallery wall, it still isn’t finished, but I wanted to start it so I could see what else it needed. I would like to find some things that are not square, maybe make some sort of stitch art and hang it in its hoop on the wall. I’m not sure, but I figured I would just let it grow organically from this starting point.

PicMonkey Collage7PicMonkey Collage9

Once we got the frames up on the wall the blank spot at the top of the stairs just seemed to glare at me. It was like hanging those frames highlighted the fact that when you glance up the stairs there what a huge blank wall. So, on a whim, Saturday night once Brynlee went to bed I decided to remedy that. I’ve always admired book page wreaths and wanted to make one, but I  had a hard time settling on the concept that I would have to destroy a book to do so… I love reading and for some reason I just felt like I was doing something wrong if I tore the pages from a book. Well, that was another thing that Nesting Place taught me, to not feel wrong about doing something you like, no matter what anybody else might say. I have a few books that I have multiple copies of just because people had given me theirs, so I thought why not just use one of those. And that is how Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire got turned into a wreath. Landon thought it was funny I was using a Harry Potter book, but I figured no one was going to be looking at my wreath to read the pages so what did it really matter what book I chose. I absolutely love how it turned out and now I frequently stare at the top of my staircase just to look at all of the pretty things we’ve hung instead of turning a blind eye like I have for the past 4 years. Like the gallery wall, this space needs more work. I’ve been looking for a narrow apothecary cabinet or something that won’t take up too much space, but I think I might just have to hang a shelf instead. I also want to recover that glass vase at the top and put some decorative branches or something it in. I had a lot of fun decorating this weekend, especially since all of my projects were free! I will post the details on how I made my book page wreath with just stuff I had around the house later this week.

PicMonkey Collage5PicMonkey Collage4

The rest of our weekend was spent doing our normal errands and cleaning out a few closets. I couldn’t believe how much stuff we got rid of. I guess when it is hiding in the closet you just seem to forget about it (or I least I did). But it feels a lot better to have lightened our load and I always love making a space more organized.

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend. We got in a ton of family time and played a lot with Brynlee. She started walking using her walker and can’t get enough of it! She loves zooming all over the place. She isn’t very good at steering yet and gets mad when she hits a wall or a chair and can’t move forward. She will keep pushing and making grunting noises like she thinks if she keeps trying that wall will magically move and she will be able to continue on. And she has the biggest smile on her face the whole time! It is adorable! I love watching her learn new things! I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend as well!


3 thoughts on “Our Weekend…

  1. gmiller@stewartaz.com

    Looking good. I love the wreath! I missed you this weekend for our annual dress the graves trip to Utah. I am glad you had a wonderful weekend.


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