Book Page Wreath Tutorial

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I mentioned last week in this post that one night over the weekend I decided to make a book page wreath. I have always wanted one, but have never gotten around to making one. I also wasn’t fond of the idea of destroying one of my books, but I am so glad I did because I love the outcome.

Since the inspiration hit me after Brynlee had already gone to bed, I didn’t really have the option to go to the store and get the items I needed. I decided that wasn’t going to stop me, so I set about to figuring out what I could use for the wreath with stuff I already had. Instead of using a wire wreath form, I decided to use poster board to make my general wreath shape. I used a dinner plate to trace the outer edge of the wreath and a salad plate to trace the inner edge, then I cut my circles out with scissors.

Next I grabbed an X-Acto knife and started cutting along the binding of my chosen book. After I had quite a few pages cut out, I made a cone shape in the dimension that I liked and used my hot glue gun to secure it.

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I kept making these and placing them around my poster board cut out until I had enough to fill it.

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Then one by one I glued them down by putting a line of glue on the paper cone and pressing it into place.

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I repeated this on the next layers as well. Making the cones, placing them where I wanted them (I usually tried placing them in between the cones on the previous layer), then gluing them in place. I wanted my wreath to look really full, so I made sure to make sure I had the edges touching. I also put a small dot of glue on the edges of my paper cones to glue them together since my poster board wreath frame wasn’t exactly sturdy.

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On my 3rd layer, I folded the top of the cone back to make them even with the previous layers when they were glued into place.

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On my last two layers, the cones were pointing in towards the wall, instead of lying flat. I trimmed about an inch off the cone so that it wouldn’t stick out too far. I didn’t measure each cone before I cut them, I just eye balled it, but since that end is facing the wall you can’t see if they are all exactly the same length or not.

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This is a very forgiving project and it actually comes together pretty fast. I really love how it turned out! I kind of think the shape of my cones look like flower petals and have been pretty tempted to fill in the center and turn it into a flower instead of a wreath, but maybe I will just make a new one on a smaller scale for the flower.

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Since I hung my wreath directly against a flat surface, it hasn’t mattered that I didn’t use a sturdier wreath form. And I actually like that it sits so flush against the wall. Because it is at the top of my stair landing, when you come down the stairs to the right of it, you would have been able to see if there was a thicker wreath form. But if you are not planning to hang it in an area where that would be visible or are not hanging it someplace that has a flat surface I would highly suggest using a wire wreath form, or even Styrofoam or foam core board would work well too.

I already had the book, poster board and hot glue, so this project came in at my favorite price- absolutely free! But if you had to get these items, I would guess that you wouldn’t spend more than $10, and that’s if you bought and actual wreath form. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and it inspires you to make your own book page wreath. If you do, please share how it turns out!

P.S.- Check back in tomorrow, I have some really exciting news to share! 


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