Brynlee’s Birthday Invitation

 Just wanted to stop in today to share Brynlee’s birthday invitation. From pretty much the day she was born I have called her my little Brynlee Bee, she was a Bee for Halloween and I knew from very early on that when it came time to plan her first birthday I needed to incorporate bees somehow.

PicMonkey Collage2

However, it was really hard to find anything “bee” related for the party. You want ladybugs, they are everywhere!!! But nope, no bees… I ended up buying this printable party kit from Paper Glitter on Etsy and decided to use it to make everything for the party. For the invitation I used a 2” shape punch for the 2 bees and beehive I attached to the invitation, the tag with the time and location came with the kit, the honeycomb background came as a printable patterned page and my dad wrote the poem. I used foam sticker dots to attach the bees and beehive and attached the tag with yellow bakers twine. I  love how they turned out! It was exactly what I was going for and I think it sets the tone for her birthday party perfectly!

PicMonkey Collage3

The poem says:

Bees are at the blossoms,

spreading needed nectar near.

Spring is finishing its season

and summer’s almost here.

With the first day of summer

comes a very important date.

The birthday of one Brynlee Sue,

she is destined to be great.

Brynlee Bee, her mother calls her

is readying to be one.

We need to celebrate,

come see how this is done.

The warmth of the summer sun

 begins on June 21st,

we’re going to have a  party

to announce her one year birth.

Summer brings us sunshine,

that heats completely through.

A good time will be had,

especially if we see you.

Bees gather all the nectar

to return and make honey sweet.

So too does Brynlee’s smile

come see, it’s quite a treat!

Grandpa and Grandma Michael

are hosting this grand affair,

don’t miss out on the party,

we’re hoping to see you there.

P.S.- Thanks for writing the poem Dad! You are amazing!!!


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