Felt Rose Tutorial

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In keeping with my efforts to hand make a lot of the decorations for Brynlee’s party, I came up with the idea of adding felt roses to the décor. I thought they would be really pretty and I would have the option of adding bees to them.

I chose to make my felt roses pink because in addition to the black and yellow of the bees, I also have included pink into a lot of my party décor. Plus I already had pink felt in my stash and the inspiration to make these happened during nap time, so I didn’t really  have the option of going to the store to get another color. Luckily, I also had some green felt that I could use for leaves.

The first thing I did was cut up my felt sheets into squares or rectangles. You don’t need to be precise in your measurements with these unless you want them to all be the exact same size. That wasn’t the look I was going for, I wanted them to all be different, so in order to get the most out of my felt sheets a lot of my squares ended up looking more like a rectangle.

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Next round of your corners.

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Then starting at one side, cut in a circular pattern, letting the felt spiral down, until you reach the middle. Space out your cuts, you don’t want your petals too thin. Also, you don’t need to worry about getting your lines super straight, but you want to make sure that they are smooth. When cutting felt it is easy to end up with jagged cuts, just try to keep your scissors going in a continuous movement.

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Once you are done cutting all of your flowers, roll them up starting on the inside.

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Then, with your hot glue gun, glue the tail end to the underside of your flower.

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And work your way around the edges of your flower securing the petals in place. Make sure you don’t put too much glue or push your glue gun in so far the glue is visible from the front of your flower.

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Using felt circles cut from the same color, glue to the back of your flower.

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For the leaves, calculate how many leaves you will need based on the amount of flowers you made. I made two leaves per flower. I chose not to make a template because I wanted all of my leave different shapes and sizes, but if you want them to be the same, make your template and trace your leaves onto your felt before you cut them out. I made mine by cutting strips of felt.

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Then I folded my stripes into thirds and cut to make my leaves the size I needed for the size of my flowers, but adjust yours accordingly.

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I took my small rectangles and cut a leaf shape one side, then turned it over and cut the other side.

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If you only want to make the felt roses, glue your leaves to the back in the position you would like.

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I will be sharing what I did with mine later this week, so check back! If you end up making your own felt flowers, please share either here in the comments section, on the Blissfully Made Facebook page or on Instagram and #blissfullymade.


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