Felt Rose Garland

       I’m back sharing what I did with all the felt flowers I made from earlier this week. I decided that a felt rose garland would go best with my party décor, plus I can use the garland in Brynlee’s nursery once the party it over. I’m not sure yet where my garland will go at Brynlee’s party, I’m trying to decide between lining a table with it or hanging it along a wall or stair railing. I figured I would wait until I start decorating to see where it will fit best.

PicMonkey Collage26

If you want to make a garland, make your roses stopping before you glue your felt circles to the back. You will also want to make your leaves.

PicMonkey Collage19

I used jute for my garland, but ribbon would work well too. Start by measuring out your spacing. I spaced my 6 inches apart and used a marker to mark where each flower would go.

PicMonkey Collage33PicMonkey Collage12

Using one of your felt circles, apply a generous amount of glue and attach your leaves and jute.

PicMonkey Collage11

If you need to add more glue to either the felt circle or the back of the flower, do so and place your flower to the felt circle pressing down to secure.

PicMonkey Collage16

I ran out of pink felt, so I cut my circles from some green I had left over. Since the back of my garland will not show it didn’t matter. If you think yours will, you might want to cut your felt circle from the same color as your flower.

PicMonkey Collage13

Continue on until all of your flowers are attached and you are done! I love how versatile this garland is, I think it would be really pretty at a baby or bridal shower. This would also be great for spring décor in your home or you could use it outside for a spring/summer BBQ decoration. I love that I can use this garland over and over again, I always hate throwing away decorations at the end of a party. I can’t wait to use this at Brynlee’s party and will be sure to post pictures of it when I do! This is most likely where it will end up in her nursery.

 PicMonkey Collage25

PicMonkey Collage24

PicMonkey Collage22


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