Let’s Talk Baby Proofing!

   Let me start off by saying that Brynlee is one active little girl, as in she must constantly be on the move, all the time, nonstop. It can be exhausting! But I love how curious she is about everything and while it scares me to death that she is always trying to climb on this or crawl through that, I appreciate that she loves to explore and try new things and thereby learning.

We started our baby proofing adventure by installing one of these baby gates at the bottom of our stairs. We are still planning on installing another one at the top of the stairs, but since most of our time is spent downstairs we haven’t needed one yet. I’ve heard from other moms that their babies were never really interested in the stairs and never paid them much attention. But from the moment that Brynlee started her army crawl to get around before she could fully crawl, she was continually going to the stairs and trying to climb up them. We chose this baby gate because it could be attached to the stair rail or wall and be really secure and sturdy. I’m glad we did because Brynlee is always pulling herself up on it and trying to push or pull it open. We also purchased two of these  installation kits because we really didn’t relish in the thought of drilling into our wood stair rails and it has worked out great!

Another more recent item we added to our baby proofing arsenal is cabinet locks and it wasn’t a moment too soon. Once Brynlee learned how to open the cabinets, it was a nonstop battle with her. We ordered these ones from Amazon and even the 2-day Prime shipping seemed like it took forever!

A few things that I really love about these locks, the cabinet doors don’t open even a little. Before we installed them and I would have to keep Brynlee out on my own, mostly when I was cooking in the kitchen, I would lean my knee against the cabinet, but if Brynlee could get it open even a couple of inches she was reaching her arm in there trying to pull something out.

I also love how easy it is to use with the key. Two really strong magnets are what makes it work and the key will hold itself to the cabinet door if you are getting into the same cabinet multiple times and need it to be unlocked.

PicMonkey Collage

Another really nice feature is that you can completely unlock any cabinet doors you want too. So if Brynlee is already in bed or I am making dinner and Landon is watching her so I don’t have to worry about her coming into the kitchen, I can unlock all the doors that I need and just relock them once I am done. I haven’t needed to use this feature yet, unlocking one door at a time has worked just fine for me. But I can definitely see this coming in handy around the holidays when I am spending a lot more time baking/cooking in the kitchen.

PicMonkey Collage3PicMonkey Collage4

One thing that I wasn’t fond of, or rather that Landon wasn’t fond of was, the installation. The package comes with templates, but at least for our cabinets, they were really off. After the first one Landon did, he ended up making his own template to use from there on out. After that, installation was fairly easy and quick and these locks have definitely been worth the frustration we had during install. To install, there is one piece that needs to be attached to the cabinet door and one piece to the cabinet opening. An additional feature is that you can choose to install them at the top of your cabinet or on the side, we chose the top, but it was nice to have the option.

PicMonkey Collage2

All in all, I love these locks and would recommend them to anyone looking to baby proof their kitchen or any other area that has cabinets. One worry we had was keeping track of the key, but we just make sure to put it in the same place after each use and haven’t had any issues with losing it. It also has a hole in the top if you want to put it on a key chain to hang somewhere. They do sell replacement keys if something does happen to it which is comforting to know.

I’m sure as Brynlee gets older we will find additional things that will need baby/toddler proofing, but these two things have made life so much easier since we installed them and I don’t have to worry about Brynlee getting into things that she shouldn’t.

Disclaimer- I purchased all products mentioned in this post with my own money and am not being compensated by anyone. These products have been so useful for us that I just wanted to share my opinion on them.


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