4th of July Wreath

A few weeks ago, my sister in law and I got together for a craft day. We had a lot of fun and these wreaths are perfect to make with friends or on your own. They are easy to make and we were able to make them start to finish while both of our girls were down for their naps. We used fat quarter bundles to make ours, but this is also a great project if you need to use up your fabric scraps.

PicMonkey Collage3

Materials needed:

Fat Quarter Bundles- We used 4 bundles and made 3 wreaths

Wire Wreath Form


Rotary Cutter, ruler and mat (if you don’t have one you can use scissors, but this makes it a lot easier)

Start by folding your fat quarter in half and cut the fold with your scissors.

PicMonkey Collage1

With one piece of fabric lying on top of the other one, using your ruler, make cuts of your desired width. We made our cuts every 1.5 inches.

 PicMonkey Collage9

Once you have all of your fabric cut, if you are working with friends or just making multiple wreaths, divide your fabric into equal piles.

PicMonkey Collage11

 PicMonkey Collage8

*sorry for the blurry picture… not sure what happened here.

Now it’s time to attach your fabric to your wreath form. With one strip of fabric folded in half, thread the loop end through the front of the wire wreath form so that it is on the back of your wreath and your two tails are on the front.

PicMonkey Collage6

Next, take your tails and thread them through the loop end of your fabric.

 PicMonkey Collage

Pull the tails tight to secure them to your wreath.

PicMonkey Collage7

Keep going until you fill your wreath.

 PicMonkey Collage2

I did a row of fabric on the outer most wire and the inner most wire. If you would like a fuller wreath, you can add more to the middle.

 PicMonkey Collage12

Once you are done, make sure all of your strips are facing out. You can choose to either have your wreath lie flatter like this one:

 PicMonkey Collage10

Or fluff it up a bit like this one:

 PicMonkey Collage4

I love how cute it looks on my front door! I don’t really have any 4th of July decorations (I’m going to need to change that soon!), so I’m glad to have at least something festive up.


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