Brynlee’s 12 Month Update

As I sit here and reflect back on this past year with Brynlee, I can’t help but marvel at the joy she has brought to our lives. She is such a happy little girl, whose smile can lift the spirits of a room. She has so much personality and it warms my heart to see her get excited about something.

This past year has brought with it a whole new spectrum of emotions, the most pure love, ultimate happiness, absolute fear and sometimes it was just down right hard (oh, those sleepless nights)! One year ago, my beautiful little Brynlee made me a mommy and it is something that I never could have prepared for and something I would never give back.

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One year ago, I took you in my arms for the first time and I knew, I just knew, that you were meant to be mine and I was yours. The amount of love I immediately felt for you, my precious little baby, was all encompassing and has only grown during the course of this year. And the most amazing part, I think, was to be able to look into your eyes and see it reflected back to me. You have such a sweet, kind, beautiful heart and you have taught me so much! You have taught me patience, how to be stronger and braver and you have made me a better person, who I hope, you will one day look up to.

You have grown so much from that tiny little newborn that I held in the hospital last June. In this past year you’ve become so much more independent, you are so inquisitive and fun loving and I am in absolute awe of you. You, my dear little girl, are an example to us all.

So, Happy One Year to you, my love, and here’s to many, many more wonderful years to come!

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Weight: Wow! Have I been off on her weight between her 9 month checkup and now!! She’s been eating so much more lately that I guess I just figured she was gaining weight faster than she actually is. She is constantly on the go so maybe that’s why, but she only weighs 19.12 pounds, which is the 40th percentile. She in in the 45th percentile for her height at 28.5 inches and her head is in the 60th percentile. It’s hard to believe now, when I pick her up, that when we brought her home from the hospital she was only 5 pounds!

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Health: Other than the runny nose and general orneriness that accompanies teething, her health has been wonderful! As for the teething situation, on her birthday she had 6-8 teeth coming, that we can see anyway. Who knows, there could be a few more back there. Most of the ones coming in now are her molars and we have definitely been able to tell a difference. She has been a lot more irritable with these teeth than when her front ones came in.

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Sleep: She has had a rough couple of months when it comes to sleep, but pretty much the day she turned one she has been fine sleeping through the night. Her birthday is when we noticed that those molars had finally broken through, I’m not sure if that is what was causing the sleeplessness or if it was something else. What I do know is that I am very grateful it is over! She does still fight sleep, she always wants to stay awake to see what is going on. We usually just have put her in her crib when its naptime or bedtime. Sometimes she will lay down right away, but most times she will fuss for a while before she finally loses the fight.

Social: Brynlee needs to take a few minutes to get acclimated to a new place, but once she is, she is pretty social with everyone there. She loves it when we are out shopping and people stop to talk to her. She will smile and smile at them, sometimes they even coax a giggle out of her. She is still a mama’s girl and will only want me whenever she isn’t feeling well or is tired, but other than that she is pretty good about going to our family members and friends.

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Diet: Her food intake has significantly increased in the last couple of weeks. Again, I’m not sure if this has anything to do with her teeth coming in, but I was starting to worry that she was going to be a picky eater. I could only get her to eat a few different things. But now she is up to try anything and eat a lot more of it. On the downside, she had become a lot more demanding when it comes to eating time. She used to fairly patiently wait until her food was done, but now she will sometimes scream or cry until I put her food in front of her.

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Clothes: She is in mostly 12 month clothing right now. For her birthday, whenever anyone asked, I told them to get her 12-18 months, some of the 12 month clothing is starting to get a little small and I wanted her to be able to get the most wear out of anything new she received. I need to clean out her closet of everything that is too small again. I’ve done it a couple of times already, but I feel like it is a never ending cycle. It still amazes me how quickly they grow!

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Crying: Oh my!!! Does this baby have a temper! When she is mad, she lets everyone know about it!! Her tantrums are crazy!!! She does this high pitched, banshee scream that has almost blown out my ear drums. At first, I was really alarmed when she would throw her tantrums, they were so bad that I thought maybe something was hurting her. But now I’ve realized them for what they are, her just being dramatic. It doesn’t happen very often and when it does, as long as we don’t give it much attention it usually end pretty quickly. I’ve become an expert on what her different cries mean now, so I can usually tell if there is something really wrong. Most of her tantrums are caused by her being over tired, she really tries to fight sleep.  I just wish she would put together how much happier and better she feels after a nap, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Until then, I suppose naptimes will be a battle.

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Likes: Her favorite game is peekaboo! She loves to play with anyone willing to play with her. It makes her so happy and she will laugh and laugh. We play peekaboo a lot throughout the day. She also loves dancing, anytime music comes on she will start moving to the beat, it is so adorable! She still loves Lola and always wants to be in Lola’s business. To Lola’s credit, she is a lot more tolerable of Brynlee than I ever expected her to be. She love Little Einstein’s and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves to play, some of her favorite toys are balls, her Elefun, her vanity set, her activity cube and a new favorite her sing and play farm.

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Milestones: Well, like a I said early, she has a whole mouth full of teeth coming in right now, so she will probably be done teething soon (maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part…). She is now standing up on her own, she will either push herself up from the floor or pull herself up on something and then let go. I keep thinking that she will just start walking any day, but I guess it will come when it comes.

I am so thankful to be on this journey of motherhood and so grateful that it is all because of you, my darling Brynlee Bee! You have made us a family and I love you more than words could ever say.

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6 thoughts on “Brynlee’s 12 Month Update

  1. Lisa :)

    Thank you for sharing with us, who are to far away to see the changes. I love reading and seeing the photos about my little Brynlee. You are an amazing mom!


  2. Terri

    I love everything you share with us! Brynlee is such a sweet, sweet girl! Her nana and papa adore her. You and Landon are such great parents! Thanks for sharing!


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