Brynlee’s One Year Photo Shoot

         When I was up north in Prescott a few weeks ago for my sister’s baby shower, I took advantage of the wonderful weather and having my Mom’s help and did a little one year photo shoot with Brynlee. We had a lot of fun and Brynlee was hamming it up almost the whole time. But when she was done, she was done, I guess that’s how it goes with one year olds! I wanted to share some of the shots we took. I can’t wait to get a few printed out.




I got the basket we used as a baby shower present from my mother in law and the moment I saw it I thought it looked like the perfect mini hot air balloon basket. So for the past year I have been thinking about this baskets and how much fun it would be to use in Brynlee’s one year photos.




Having my Mom there made a huge difference too! She was able to keep Brynlee’s attention and get her to smile while I was taking the pictures. And she was ready to jump in and stop Brynlee each time she tried to climb out of the basket.




I really love how they turned out and I am so glad that I was finally able to take them. I was starting to worry with our impending Montana trip that I wouldn’t get a chance to, so when we had some time left over after setting up my sister’s shower I capitalized on it. I know I probably have thousands of pictures of Brynlee throughout her first year, but I just thought that it would be extra special to have a one year photo shoot with her. My plan is to take one of the pictures and add milestones and favorites from her first year, so I will share that as soon as I am done.




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