Brynlee’s First Birthday

                           Since yesterday I shared Brynlee’s one year photo shoot, I figured today would be a good time to share her first birthday details. Can you believe that last night was the first time I actually had a chance to look through all of her birthday pictures? I feel like this summer has been a whirlwind and I am grateful that it is finally slowing down for us and we have a couple weekends at home.


We decided to throw Brynlee’s birthday in Prescott, or rather Chino Valley, since Landon’s parents were gracious enough to offer up their home. A lot of our friends and most of our family lives there so it just made sense to have it there.


*Brynlee with her cousin Malorie, Grandma (my mom) and Great Grandpa playing in the tee pee I made her for her birthday present*

I will be the first to admit that I may have gone a little overboard in the planning of this party… Actually a few things got left out because we just didn’t have time and the party still ended up being a lot of fun. Plus, I’m willing to bet that no one even noticed the things that were omitted, so I guess it was lessoned learned for next time- don’t go overboard!


*Brynlee with Grandma and Grandpa*

The plan was to keep the food pretty low key so that we wouldn’t have to do a whole lot the day of the party, but somehow it seemed like we were still rushing around in the kitchen trying to get everything ready for the noon deadline of everyone showing up. For the main dish, we just BBQ’d hamburgers and hot dogs, then had a few different sides and appetizers to choose from. For the kids, we made chicken nuggets and french fries.






I thought about making the cupcakes myself, but decided to just order them from Safeway instead to make it easier on myself and I am so glad I did!! I don’t know how I would have found the time to make them. I did add the little candy bees on the flowers, a friend of mine found them at a local party store and snatched them up for me because she knew I was having a hard time finding bee related party décor.


As for the rest of the décor, I ordered this party pack off of Etsy and printed what I wanted from it at Staples.

I know this is a really bad picture, the lighting was horrible with the sun coming through that window, I really couldn’t do any better. But this is my 52 Weeks of Brynlee wall where I showcased all 52 weekly pictures I took of Brynlee throughout her first year. I have to be honest, there were times throughout the year that it got a little difficult to continue this project and I wondered if I even should. Well I am so glad I did because it was a huge hit and finally seeing them all together up on that wall made it all worth it! I just used clothes pins I covered in gold glitter to hang them on twine and I made the 52 Weeks of Brynlee banner from the party pack I mentioned above.


The plan for the party was to have the food inside and the rest of the festivities outside. We set up shade canopies and picnic tables for everyone to sit at. It was a beautiful day, but a little on the windy side. Not so much that it bothered anyone outside, but enough that it wreaked havoc on all of my outdoor decorations.





*For the drinks we had lemonade (in the blue mason jar beverage dispenser) and fruit punch in the other dispenser and water bottles and Capri Suns were in the beverage tub. I had mason jars with daisy lids and paper straws for the drinks or the paper cups for the kids*


*This table housed the party favors in the clear plastic bags, the sign read- 

These are a few of my Favorite things:

Ball- one of my favorite things to play with!

Bubbles- so fun to chase!

Necklace- girl loves her accessories!

Please take one!

Thank you
for coming
to my
“Bee” Day!!

In addition to the favors there were bubbles, coloring sheets and crayons, party hats, snacks- pretzels and animal crackers and note cards with a sign asking people to contribute to a time capsule we made for Brynlee*

In addition to the swing set my in-laws already have in their backyard, my mother in law was kind enough to rent a bounce house for additional entertainment for all of the kiddos. They had a blast and even Brynlee got in on the action thanks to Daddy.



When it came time for Brynlee’s smash cake she was more interested in a little green ring she had been playing with and insisted on bringing it with her. It took her a while to really get into the whole “smash” thing, but once she realized that it was okay, she really went for it. She didn’t eat much of the cake though, I think she only had 2 bites, but she had a lot of fun smashing all over her highchair and smearing it all in her hair (which was horrible to try to get out!! The frosting was so oily it took multiple washes for it to finally get clean).


*I purchased the “one” candle off of Etsy and it was perfect!! I loved how it turned out.*


*The only picture we got of Brynlee in her party hat, with her Aunt.*


*Notice the green ring?*




Then it was on to the Bee Piñata! I am so glad I made the effort to make this pull string piñata (I will post a tutorial on how I made it next week). Everyone loved it and when the kids all pulled the ribbon and the treats fell out they loved it!! I filled it with a variety pack of Teddy Grahams and fruit snacks.



Just as things were starting to wind down Brynlee opened her presents and even Lola got in on some of the action!


*Lola photo bomb*

I am so glad we were able to celebrate our little girl with all of our nearest and dearest. She has been such a blessing in our lives and I am just so grateful for her. Thank you to everyone who was able to come to her party, she is so lucky to have such amazing people in her life!



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