Favorite Things Friday- French Press

I thought it would be fun to start a series called Favorite Things Friday and share some of the things that I have found that have made my life easier or happier or that I just love and I hope that you will share some of your favorite things in the comments too!

First up is for all you coffee lovers out there! I seriously cannot believe I waited this long to get a French Press (I got this one from Bed Bath and Beyond). We grind our own coffee and when brewed in the French Press it is so delicious and full of flavor. We also have a Keurig Coffee Brewer, which we still love and use when we are rushing to get out the door. But on the weekends or on slow mornings it is all about the French Press. I love that I can make it in the morning, have a cup then come back a couple of hours later and it is still warm or just keep the French Press nearby while I’m working.


It’s been fun trying different types of coffee and different flavors now that we can truly taste it with our French Press.

Pair this with a bag of coffee and it would be the perfect gift for any coffee lover!

Do any of you use a French Press, is it one of your favorite things? Please share!





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