Favorite Things Friday- Baby Edition- Fresh Food Pacifiers

For this week’s Favorite Things Friday post I decided to do a baby edition because I’ve found something that is just too priceless not to share. Some of you might laugh at my excitement over this, but let me tell you, when a teething, fussy baby is involved any small win feels like a million bucks!


I had registered for and received these little fresh food feeder pacifiers, but much to my dismay, Brynlee wasn’t really a fan when I put any sort of food in them. So there they sat, in a drawer, for the last 6 months not doing anything. Then I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago and she told me that her daughter loved it when she put ice in those. And another one of my mama friends told me she did that for teething with both her kids. I was sold! I went right home, popped an ice cube into that sucker (see what I did there??? Lol!) gave it to Brynlee and she loved it!! I happened to give it to her during one of her little teething meltdowns and it calmed her right down. I couldn’t believe it! How had I not thought of this sooner?? And that my friends is why I felt I must share this amazing news with you, in case you were just like me in all our obliviousness to this wonderful teething solution.


Now Brynlee will come hand it to me when she wants another ice cube. And of course, there are times when she will get distracted and all of a sudden I will have a little puddle of water on the ground from the forgotten ice cube. But I will happily clean those up all day long if it means I have a happy baby!


And so, here’s the part where I would love to hear from you! I wish I would have thought or heard of this sooner, is there anything else I’m missing out on that has worked well for you? Do you have any baby favorites that are must haves?


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