Favorite Things Friday- Camping!!!

*Sorry this post is a week late, I couldn’t find my cable to upload all the pictures from my camera and didn’t really think you’d want to read such a wordy post without any picture in it.*

I have always loved camping, it’s so relaxing and peaceful being out in the middle of nowhere, forcing you to be completely unplugged. Two weekends ago we got out of the crazy Phoenix heat and spent some much needed time away up north at the Mogollon Rim. We do this trip every year in August and if I could, I would definitely do it more!


*Brynlee was very excited to get out of the heat too! And of course, we had to bring her favorite, Mickey!


*We were pretty loaded down, but Lola found a comfy spot.

I will say, having Brynlee there added a certain level of difficulty, but she had so much fun playing and getting as dirty as possible with her cousin. Luckily, some of our family members have travel trailers so we were still able to give Brynlee a bath each night. The first night we were there was pretty rough, Brynlee did not enjoy sleeping in the tent, so the next night we crashed in my Aunt’s trailer and she slept much better! I think that it was too loud for her in the tent. There was a pack of coyotes somewhere that would go crazy, howling every few hours, and would wake her up.


*See how red Brynlee’s face is? She was/is teething and decided to eat almost every ice cube in our ice chest while we were there.

One of my favorite things about camping is the food! What is it about cooking out in the wilderness that makes it so delish! The first night we always do tinfoil dinners since people are coming in at different times, some aren’t able to make it there until it is almost dark so this is a nice easy dinner night. Then on the second night we always do dutch oven cooking! If you haven’t had dutch oven, you are missing out! It is simply the best!!! I was in charge of a dessert this year, a lot of times dutch oven desserts are cobblers, but I really wanted something chocolate-y so I found this recipe and it was a huge hit!! Bonus points for being super easy too! Thanks to Brynlee, I didn’t really have a lot of extra time to spend on cooking, so that fact that I only had to throw a few ingredients in and stir was definitely a plus! And we can’t forget s’mores!!!! I LOVE s’mores!!! I could eat them every day and I think they are so fun to make over the fire, trying to get your marshmallow just right. That might be the best part of camping right there…


*Brynlee loved this tree! She thought it was so fun to play peek-a-boo around the split stump!




*Brynlee and her favorite, Karen, they always have lots of fun playing and Karen is always such a big help to us entertaining Brynlee. Thank you Karen!!!


*Brynlee and Daddy

I also love just being in nature, it’s so beautiful. Living in a very busy, very big city, it is nice to escape and appreciate all the little things. We love to go on hikes and pick the wild raspberries that grow there. All of our dogs love to go swimming so it’s always an added bonus when we come across a little pond or something for them to swim in. We usually camp by this big open meadow and every evening, just as the sun sets, it lights up with hundreds of blooming yellow flowers. I’m not sure what type of flowers they are, but during the day they look wilted and dead and then evening hits and they come to life. It’s just beautiful!!


Brynlee got a lot of playing time in with her cousin, I’m so happy when they get together and hope that as they grow up they will be great friends!


*Brynlee and Malorie taking a ride.



*Grandma with her grandbabies


*Auntie with the grandbabies


*Brynlee hanging decided she wanted to take a nap with Grandma’s dog Kaya… oh wait, that would require her to actually sleep, so I guess she really just wanted a comfy place to hang out.

Oh, and by the way, we bought this tent last year and absolutely love it!! Definitely worth the investment. It is so roomy inside and you don’t have to duck down to move around. Plus the floor of the tent is extra thick, so even walking around inside barefoot is comfortable, you can’t feel any rocks or anything in the ground. If you like to camp, I would really suggest this tent.



*Do you ever get half way through a vacation and realize there are no pictures of you because you’ve been the one behind the camera the whole time? Yeah, that happened to me, so even though Brynlee’s eyes are closed in this one, I’m still using it!


7 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday- Camping!!!

  1. Lisa

    I love this! I am so glad you have your blog! It’s great to come home from work and be reminded of good times and great family! I can’t wait for the next trip either!….maybe we can fit one more in before winter?! Maybe at the lake….I really need to get my new wake board wet!!


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