My Flower Child

This past weekend Landon went hunting, so Brynlee and I headed north to escape the heat and spend some time with our family and friends in Prescott. We had a lot of fun and Brynlee had a blast playing with her cousin Malorie.

We started our visit by spending some time with my dad, going to lunch and letting Brynlee play in his backyard. She had a lot of fun finding every yellow leaf she could and carrying them around with her wherever she went. After a few hours spent there, we headed over to my friend, Desirae’s house and Brynlee had a great time playing with all of the toys her kids have. I don’t know if it was just because they were all new to her, but she entertained herself with them for a couple of hours. It was so nice to be able to catch up with Desirae while Brynlee played.

Friday evening we finally made it over to my mom’s house where both my mom and Brynlee soaked up tons of grandma time! Did I mention that with everything going on that day, Brynlee would not take a nap, so she was extremely tired and eventually crashed and slept the whole night! A lot of times when we are away from home she has trouble sleeping, so it was a very pleasant surprise.

The next morning, my mom, Brynlee and I headed out to do some shopping and decided to stop by Olive Garden for lunch. Brynlee really enjoyed the spaghetti, she wouldn’t keep her bib on so I eventually just took her dress off and let her go for it. She got spaghetti sauce everywhere!!! It took forever to get her clean!



We stopped by Costco, where Brynlee got to take a ride on a giant stuffed horse.


Then we picked up Malorie, my sister had to work so we brought Malorie back to my mom’s for a little cousin sleepover party. We had a few issues with sharing, but otherwise they had a lot of fun together!


This weekend I also confirmed that Brynlee is a flower child. She loves her flowers! While we were camping a few weeks ago she had a great time picking flowers in the meadow. At my mom’s she proceeded to pick every wildflower she could get her hands on! If she saw a flower she had to pick it. She would always wonder over to where there was a wildflower patch, sit down and start picking away.











When I was finally able to pull her away from the flowers, her and Malorie had a great time playing in the mud/sand, digging and playing with buckets of water. Then it started to rain and it was straight inside to the bath for the girls.




After a fun day full of play, it took a while to get the girls to calm down enough to go to sleep. They just wanted to stay up and play all night, but eventually down they went.

The next morning, before we headed back home, my Aunt Gina and cousin Karen (Brynlee’s favorite person) came over for breakfast. Then, Brynlee got to take a ride on one of my mom’s horses (not a stuffed one this time!). This was her first time riding a horse and she loved it! She had the biggest smile on her face as they walked around and kept waving and squealing with delight. It was so much fun to see how happy she was, I can see many horse rides in our future.


When we finally made it back home we were both exhausted, Brynlee actually slept the whole way home, which was nice because that doesn’t usually happen and then we both headed to bed early. We had such a wonderful weekend spending time with our family, I hope you all had great weekends too!


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