Favorite Things Friday {Brynlee Edition}- Mickey Mouse

To say that Brynlee loves Mickey Mouse is a huge understatement, obsession might come close. It started with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney channel, she loves the Hot Dog song and will stop whatever she is doing to dance to it anytime it comes on. As she has gotten older, she does that as soon as she hears Mickey Mouse on the t.v. and the Mickey Mouse show definitely saved us on our road trip to Montana.


*Yes, Mickey is almost as big as Brynlee, but that doesn’t stop her from bringing him everywhere!*

A few weeks ago, we were walking around at the Mall and spotted the Disney Store. Landon and I were joking about how it wouldn’t be too long before we would probably have to stop there every time we went to the mall. I remember dragging my mom in whenever I saw one when I was little. So we decided to go in just to see what they had there and what the prices were like. We had no intention of buying anything that day. As we were walking around, pushing Brynlee in her stroller, she seemed pretty indifferent to everything in there. We got to the tower of stuffed animals, you know the one, in the middle of the store that is piled high with every Disney character ever!  I picked up a Daisy Duck to show Brynlee, then a Minnie Mouse and a few others, again, she seemed disinterested. Then, I saw a Mickey Mouse and picked it up to show her and immediately her eyes lit up and she just stared, not moving, at this stuffed Mickey for a good 20 seconds or so. Then she very slowly reached out, grabbed him and hugged him to her so tight with the biggest smile on her face! I was just stunned at her reaction, it was like love at first sight, she was so excited. I looked up at Landon and he had the same stunned look on his face that I did and I said, “yeah, we’re buying the Mickey today” and all he said was “yep!” She continued to hug her Mickey as we walked around the store with the biggest smile on her face. She did not notice one other thing in that store, Mickey had her full, undivided attention. This is one of those times that I will always remember, it was priceless to see her reaction.


Since bringing Mickey home, they have been inseparable. Brynlee has never been a child to have to have a security blanket and even though she has quite a few lovey’s, she never showed any preference for having anything always around. Mickey, however, has to be anywhere Brynlee is, if we go to the store you better believe Mickey is sitting right next to her in the cart. She takes Mickey to bed with her every night and she always hands me Mickey first before I get her out of her crib in the morning.



Whenever Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on, Brynlee will run and grab Mickey. One time, shortly after we brought Mickey home, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came on. Mickey was sitting on the floor near Brynlee and she kept looking from her stuffed Mickey to the Mickey on the screen, finally she got down on her tummy and got nose to nose with Mickey, almost like she was examining him to make sure he was the same Mickey. It was so cute!


Brynlee loves her Mickey so much and it has been a joy watching her interactions with it. I will frequently check the baby monitor at night and see Brynlee with her arm wrapped around Mickey. She still gets excited every time you hand him to her, I hope that never goes away. I can’t wait to take her to Disneyland and have her meet Mickey, I can just imagine her reaction. For some girls its princesses, but Mickey will always be Brynlee’s first love (other than mom and dad of course;)).


*Mickey is never far away*

I’d love to hear if you have any stories like this with your kids, do they show any toy preferences?


9 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday {Brynlee Edition}- Mickey Mouse

  1. gmiller@stewartaz.com

    Tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. That is a wonderful Brynlee story. I would say write it in her baby book (silly old fashion me) she will have this wonderful blog.


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