Give Thanks Fall Wreath DIY

        Happy first day of Fall!!! I’m a little embarrassed to admit that up until this weekend, I still had my 4th of July wreath adorning my front door… So even though the cooler weather hasn’t hit us yet (it’s supposed to get to 100* today), it was definitely time for a change!


After a quick trip to Joann’s decided I wanted to make a grapevine wreath with fall foliage. You can see my method for making this type of wreath here.

This time, however, I wanted to add a little something extra and a little “give thanks” bunting was just what it needed! Luckily, I was able to use things I already had, so another Joann’s trip wasn’t necessary. Here is what I used:


Kraft Paper

Alphabet Stamps

Clear Stamping Block

Black Ink

Paper Cutter


I started by cutting out all of my little triangle, I made mine 1 inch width by 1.5 inches tall.


Then I got to stamping, I tried to get them as centered as possible. Using  the clear stamping block made it pretty easy to just eye ball it.


Once I had all of my letter stamped on, I decided to add a heart to either side of “give” to make it more symmetrical to the “thanks”.


Using my measuring tape, I measured ½ inch space between each of my triangles to make sure it would all be even once I attached the twine. Make sure when you flip your triangles over that you also put the word backwards, like a mirror image, so that once you’ve attached the twine your word is facing the correct way. Using a little bit of white glue, I put a small line as close to the top of the triangle as I could and as close to each edge. Then I took my twine and gently pressed it down onto each triangle piece.


Once it is dry, you will have the perfect little bunting. These would also be great as a cake topper or even to make on a larger scale to be a stand alone décor item.


I attached it to my wreath by tying the twine around one of the grapevine branches and securing it with hot glue. I made sure to tie it in a place that the knot would not be visible.


I love how it turned out! It makes me so happy to see it every time I come and go. And even though the temps here don’t feel like fall yet, this gets me excited for all things fall related! Now I just need to do the inside of my house. Pumpkins, here I come!!!


Have you done any fall decorating or made any wreaths lately? I’d love to see what you’ve been up to!


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