When Life Gives You Lemons…

This weekend started out fantastic, a trip to the park with Brynlee, since the weather is finally cooling down. Then an afternoon rainstorm, well, actually it looked like a hurricane in my backyard, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. And then Sunday happened and everything went downhill.


*When I first put Brynlee in her red wagon, she wanted nothing to do with it and started crying to get out. Then we started moving and she was all smiles from then on out. I foresee many wagon rides in our future.


*Of course she had to pick the flowers.

When we made the decision for me to quit my job to stay home full time with Brynlee, we both knew that sacrifices would have to be made. Going from two incomes to one is not an easy adjustment, we gave up a lot of luxuries we were used to and had to switch our frame of thinking from want-based to need-based. During all of this, I never really felt that I was actually sacrificing, I mean, the outcome was me being able to stay home with my little girl and that outweighed any cost.


*There was a lot of playing in the sand.

Of course, we haven’t been able to take vacations like we used to, we rarely go out to eat anymore and I’ve had to learn to say no to things, whereas, previously I always answered yes. But those have all been good for us too. We get to spend a lot of time together as a family and it’s forced us to think outside of the box for entertainment. We eat healthier now that we aren’t always going out to eat and it’s fun to spend a little extra time making something special for dinner.


*She had a lot of fun collecting rocks.


*And playing in the puddles.

This weekend though, what it means to truly sacrifice really hit me hard! Yes, we’ve given up a lot of things already, but it seemed easier because I hadn’t truly cared/wanted/needed them. Yesterday though, I had to tell a very dear friend, one who has always been there for me, that I wouldn’t be able to make it to her vow renewal in a couple of months because we just couldn’t afford the trip. And wow, did that feel awful!!! Even after I told her, I still kept trying to think of ways that I could save a little here or there to be able to make it and then the hammer dropped. I am not even kidding, a few hours later, Landon opened the freezer to get some ice and it was all melted!!! Along with all the lemon juice I froze from the lemons on our tree last year (hence the title of this post, I had to make lemonade with it), a lot of stuff was already thawed out and some things were even completely ruined. Thankfully the bright side of this story is that we have a chest freezer in our garage that we could move anything salvageable to. We thought that the fridge was still working, but soon realized that was done too. This basically sealed the deal for me not being able to attend my friend’s vow renewal, any last hope I had of finding the money somewhere was shattered by the knowledge that we would now have to dish out the moolah on a new refrigerator.

There are a lot of up sides to this turn of events that I am thankful for. I have never been so grateful that Landon brews his own beer, as a result we have another, smaller chest freezer that we were able to set at a fridge like temperature to house all of our refrigerator items. And we were thankfully around to notice that our fridge stopped working, instead of being out of town or something and losing all of our food. Plus we got some delicious lemonade out of the deal to drink while we were working to save all of our food.


I guess the point to me sharing all of this is that through all of our experiences this weekend and all of the sacrificing that we will need to make in the near future in order to pay for a new fridge, we still have so much to be thankful for. How easy it is to forget that and to wallow in our own despair of everything that is not going right in our lives right now, or at least not “our” version of right anyway. A few years ago, that would have been me, but having Brynlee has changed my perspective on so many things. She is what I am the most thankful for and at the end of the day, all that matters is that our little family is together and healthy and everything else will work itself out. So, when life gives you lemons, even though sometimes it is really hard, we should all still try to make lemonade!

On a side note, we are currently shopping for a new refrigerator, so if you have any recommendations or know of any great deals going on please share!



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