Pom Pom Pillow Cover Tutorial

A good friend of mine had a baby in August and asked me to help her with her nursery. The colors she chose were coral, mint and gold, let me tell you, this nursery turned out gorgeous! I love it and I know her little girl will too! I already shared the quilt I made for her here, but she also wanted a small pillow to go with the rocking chair she had. I love how it turned out! The pillow is actually fabric that was left over from the drapes I made her so it matches the nursery perfectly!


I purchased a 16”x16” pillow form from Joann’s 2 yards of pom pom trim. I only had about 4 inches of trim left, so if you make a larger pillow make sure you get extra trim. I like to use ½” seam allowances on my pillow covers, so from your fabric you will cut one piece 17”x17” (this will be the front piece). Then you will need two cuts for the back piece to make the envelope closure. For this, cut two pieces 17”x12”, I got this number by dividing 17 in half to get 8.5, then I always add three inches to give me plenty of room for the envelope closure bring it to 11.5, then, just to make things easy I rounded up to 12 for the height of each piece of fabric and 17” will stay the width (I hope that makes sense).

Next, you will want to iron one long edge (the 17” length) under ½” and then again another ½” on each piece of your back fabric. Fold over the first edge and sew, then fold over the second and pin in place.


Now your back pieces have finished seams and your thread line will not show on the back of your pillow.


Taking your front piece of fabric, cut 4 lengths of trim to the sizes of each edge of fabric (so all of my pieces were 17” long) and pin your pom pom trim around the perimeter.


*On a side note, I like to use these alligator clips in lieu of pins on projects like this because I find that they hold everything together really well and are easy to use. Plus I never get poked in the process, so that’s mice too!

Using a ¼” seam allowance, sew the pom pom trim to your front piece of fabric. This will make it much easier to sew when you are sewing your front and back pieces together and you will not have to worry about the trim moving around.


Next lay your front piece of fabric (with the trim attached) right side up. Line up the edges of the two back pieces, right side down, with the front, overlapping them in the middle and pin them together.




Using a 1/2” seam allowance, sew your pieces together. The added bulkiness of the pom pom trim can be a little tricky, but if you go slowly, you shouldn’t have a problem.


Clip your corners.


Turn your pillow cover right side out and wa-la! You have a beautiful pom pom pillow!


Brynlee loved this pillow, I ended up having to it hide from her, so I guess I will be making another one for her soon!


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