Favorite Things Friday- Going to the Park with Brynlee

After a very long and very hot summer, one where we tried to stay inside as much as possible, I am so glad that the temps have finally cooled down enough for us to get outside. Well, they have in the morning anyway, when we go to the park around 8:00 it is usually somewhere in the 70’s and there is a fair amount of shade at the park at that time too.


*We always have her sippy, but she much prefers to drink out of my Starbucks cup while we are there. She’ll play for a while then run up the the wagon and get a drink from my cup then run and away and come back again and again.


*She got the red wagon for her first birthday. It was from my mom and her husband and my aunt and her family. They filled it with all sorts of fun goodies! We love the wagon and Brynlee has so much fun riding in it, I know it will get a ton of use! 


Brynlee loves going to the park! We pack up our little red wagon with snacks, buckets and shovels, bubbles and anything else that might be fun to play with and head out with Lola in tow. We only live a short distance from our community’s main park so it’s a nice easy walk.



Brynlee is still a little unsure about walking in the sand, so she usually sticks to the sidewalk or grass, but she loves the swing and will laugh and scream the whole time! More recently she’s started trying to climb up the jungle gym steps. She usually doesn’t try to go much further than just up the steps and back down and I am always right behind her, just in case.


*She runs all over the park, nonstop, I am constantly chasing after here to make sure she doesn’t get into anything she shouldn’t.

We try to get to the park every morning that we don’t have other errands to run. It’s still a little too warm to go in the afternoons. When it comes time for us to leave the park, no matter how long we’ve stayed (we always stay at least an hour), Brynlee always cries and doesn’t want to leave. Most times though, as soon as I have her back in the red wagon and on our way she will calm down and start looking at everything else. I like to take the longer way home that takes us back behind all of the houses and runs along the green belt so she can see dogs in backyards and any other animals that might be around. It’s times like these that I am so very grateful for the opportunity to stay home with Brynlee and have this special time together. She loves the outdoors so much and I want to make sure to cultivate that love so it grows and never leaves. We just planted our winter grass, so in a few short weeks we will be able to head out to the backyard anytime too, which will be nice because by then we should be able to get outside in the afternoon too. I foresee a lot of picnics and bubble parties in our future!


*One day this week, someone had drawn with sidewalk chalk all over the sidewalks. Brynlee was so intrigued by this and would try to touch the chalk and pick it up.


*And of course, we always have to pick a few flowers while we are there.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have wonderful weekends!


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