Winter Gardens

  One of the great things about living in Phoenix is that you can have a garden all year round. This year will be my first attempt at a winter garden and I am so excited about it. I love having a garden and being able to harvest fresh veggies, but gardening in the summer, when it is 110* out is not my idea of fun. I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy my time outside gardening this fall/winter and am even more excited to get Brynlee in on the action.

This weekend, I headed over to our local farmer’s market and picked up some organic, non-GMO seeds to start my garden. The lady that was selling them was so amazing and helpful. I told her that this was my first time trying a winter garden so she gave me a lot of tips and helped me select my seeds. She also told me that I could plant tomatoes and peppers right now! I had no idea! If you do though, she said to plant them in a container so if it gets really cold you can move them some place warmer.


As soon as I got home, I got started planting my seeds in eggshells I’ve been saving up. I can’t wait for them to start sprouting! For me that is the most exciting part, well, other than when I get to pick the fresh produce. So far I’ve planted kale, cauliflower and basil. I have to wait a few more weeks to plant my butternut squash and spaghetti squash. Since Landon just reseeded our grass I cant get to my planter for another 2 weeks… I’m hoping to get to Home Depot later this week to get something to plant my tomatoes and bell peppers in.


Another new thing I’m trying is growing a garden from kitchen scraps. I read  this article a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to try. This past weekend I made my salsa that uses green onions, so now I have them sitting in a glass with water waiting to see what they will do. I have never done this before and I don’t know anyone else who has either so I’m really not sure what to expect, but since no money was involved I figured I had to try it. I will keep you posted on how it turns out and whether it is worth it or not.


So, do any of you do winter gardens? Anyone have any tips for me in my new endeavors? I hope you all had a great weekend!




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