DIY Bumblebee Pull String Piñata

I was going through pictures on my computer the other day and realized that even though I promise this DIY in this post a while back, I still hadn’t posted the tutorial. This is why I need to become a day planner person, or maybe a least a list maker, to help keep me organized and keep track of my plans. Once upon a time, before mamahood, I could remember things, but now, as I’m sure many parents can relate to, things are constantly slipping from my mind as if they were never there.

Anyway, let’s get down to business! First we are going to go back to our 1st grade paper mache skills, cut up a bunch of newspaper strips and make up a flour/water mixture. I used a 1:2 flour to water ratio and it seemed to work well for me, but adjust as necessary to get the consistency you want. We need to make the bee’s body and head. For this I used a large bopper balloon that I got in a pack from target and a smaller regular balloon.



Take you newspaper strips, dip them in your paper mache mixture and start applying them to your balloons. I found that placing a small bowl under my balloon helped to keep it stable. Make sure you leave enough room at one end to be able to remove your balloons once they are dry.


You will wanted to do a couple layers to make sure your piñata is sturdy enough.

Next, you will need to hang them somewhere to dry, I hung mine in the garage with cardboard underneath to protect the floor from drips.


While they were drying, about 48 hours, I grabbed some yellow and black paper streamers and started making cuts ¾ of the width of the streamer and about ¼ inch apart.


To make it go faster, I folded the streamers over each other so I would cut through 4-5 layers at a time.

Once they were dry, I popped and removed the balloons and I painted them with one coat of black paint to hide any newspaper print that might show through the streamer. As you can see, you could still see the print through the paint, but it was enough combined with the streamers that you couldn’t see anything once it was finished. Now grab your hot glue gun and start applying your streamers. Make sure you have a lot of glue sticks on hand, I couldn’t believe how many glue sticks I went through! I worked in  4 inch sections, apply glue, press paper and repeat. This worked well to keep things from getting tangled and messy.

B7 B8

I alternated 2 layers of black then 2 layers of yellow. For the head I just used all black.


Once I was done gluing the paper streamers on, I needed to create an opening for the treats to fall out. I folded a piece of paper into the size of hole I wanted and traced around it with a  marker.


Using an X-acto knife I cut out the rectangle shaped hole. With the rectangle cutout I glued on enough ribbons for each of the kids attending the party to have one and glued it to a bigger piece of cardstock so that once I put it back into the pinata it would hold in the treats.


Once I had my hole cutout I was able to attach the bee’s stinger. I used some glitter scrapbook paper, created a cone shape and cut strips on the bottom of the cone so I would be able to attached it on the inside of the bee body. This took a lot of hot glue!!!



Now it is time to attach your head. I cut a large hole on the side of the head that I wanted to attach to the bee body. I hot glued the head to the body then added another layer of streamers to hide the glue. From the inside, I poked skewers through the bee body and into the head for added support. I was a little worried about the head falling off, but this actually held up really well.



I attached the large wiggle eyes to the head with hot glue. For the antennas, I used pipe cleaners and just poked them through the bee’s head and glued them into place.




For some reason I don’t have any pictures of this next part even though I swear I remember taking them. But for the wings I cut out wing shapes from silver glitter scrapbook paper. Then I cut 2 slits about 3 inches apart on the top middle of the bee body and strung large 2 inch ribbon through for the bee to hang. I glued the bottom half of the wings to the ribbon so that when it was hanging the looked like they were raised and then I was done!


The piñata was a huge hit!! The kids loved it and the pull string worked really well for having little kids participate.


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