My (and Brynlee’s) Favorite Green Smoothie

I love green smoothies! There is no shortage of green smoothie recipes out there, but I was having a hard time finding one that what quick and easy to make for busy mornings and that didn’t have a lot of ingredients. Brynlee is not a big fan of eating fruit, she will eat veggies all day long, but bananas and watermelon are basically the only fruit I can get her to eat on a regular basis. I think that she doesn’t really like sweet things, every time I try to give her another fruit she puckers her face and immediately spits it out. So, I also needed a green smoothie that tasted good, but not too sweet so I could still get Brynlee to drink it and add some fruit to her diet. This smoothie fits the bill on all accounts and is a great way to start your morning.

You will need:

2 c. Spinach or Kale, packed tightly

1 c. Coconut Water

1 c. Water

1 Banana

1 c. Strawberries

First add the two cups of packed spinach or kale to your blender along with one cup of coconut water and one cup of water. Blend these together.

G1 G2

*We have this blender and it is amazing!

Next add your fruit and blend. This works best if you freeze your fruit ahead of time. On Sundays, I like to prepare my strawberries and bananas and measure them out into containers, then I stick them in the freezer and in the morning I don’t have to worry about measuring or cutting. It really streamlines the smoothie making process which is perfect for those busy mornings.


*I know we are coming to the end of strawberry season, so I might need to find a replacement fruit soon, but Costco sells a big bag of frozen organic strawberries for around $8.00! So you can always go that route too!


Brynlee loves this smoothie and will guzzle it down! She will start whining for her smoothie as soon as she sees me making it (hence the need for it to be quick!). This recipe makes enough for one large one for me and a small one for Brynlee, or enough for two mediums if I need to share with Landon on the weekends.

I hope you all enjoy these smoothies and much and Brynlee and I do! It really is a great and healthy way to start your morning!





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