The Pumpkin Patch

          This past weekend we headed out to Schnepf Farm with Landon’s sister and her family. Aside from a few meltdowns from Brynlee, we had a lot of fun! Brynlee loved seeing all of the animals and playing in the pumpkin patch, most of her meltdowns were caused by her not wanting to leave a certain area yet. And she did not want to ride in her stroller, she much preferred to walk on her own.


 We were trying to get everything in before it got too hot out. I’m not going to lie, when I was scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feed over the weekend and saw everyone in sweaters and scarves at their pumpkin festivals I was a little bit jealous. By noon it had gotten so hot we were ready to leave and we were in shorts and tank tops! Needless to say, I am so ready for that fall weather to get here!!


Brynlee kept trying to pick up the pumpkins.



She loved playing on all of the hay bales and would have been content if we left her to do that all day!


She went on her first carousal ride and loved it!!! She was smiling and squealing the whole time! She didn’t want to get off when it was time.


We also went to the petting zoo and got to know some goats! She may or may not have kept trying to grab them by the horns…



They had a few other rides there too, so we took a turn on some flying bees.


Before we left we stopped by the playground and Brynlee had a lot of fun trying to climb up the slide. She actually got a lot farther than I expected she would.


We had such a fun day and even though Brynlee had her fair share of bad moments, I know she had a blast too and that made it all worth it!



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