An Impromptu Visit

      Earlier this week, my mom had a random day off of work and decided to come for a fun, but all too quick visit. We only live a couple of hours apart, unfortunately busy lives get in the way of frequent visits. She spent the night Monday and Tuesday morning we headed out early to do some shopping. Somehow I managed to not take any pictures of me, her and Brynlee together, so in lieu of those I thought I would share some of the great deals we found while shopping around.

Our first stop was Old Navy and they were having a great “buy 2 get 1 free” sale on their clearance. I was on the hunt for a few things for Brynlee, she is currently growing out of 12 and 12-18 month sizes and while she has a few 18 or 18-24 month clothes, she does not have very many. I also wanted to try to find some warmer clothes, the majority of her wardrobe is shorts, tank tops and sundresses and it is finally starting to cool down a little bit here.

I was lucky enough to find this super cute vest on the clearance rack for $11! This will be the perfect addition to Brynlee’s wardrobe as we transition to cooler temps.


I also found these two tops, they were only $5 each and since we got 3 items one of them was free.



How cute will the vest be paired with this top! I can’t wait for Brynlee to wear it!


Another awesome deal we found there were these cute summer sandals. I got them a few sizes too big so Brynlee will be able to wear them next spring/summer and for less the $2, I just couldn’t pass them up!


Next door to our Old Navy is Marshall’s, we were waiting for another store to open nearby so we decided to swing in to see what deals they had to offer. I am so glad we did, we found these Bobs by Sketchers for only $14.99! Brynlee is just growing out of her current shoe size so I’ve been on the hunt for some hard soled shoes for her for a few weeks and luckily they had one pair in her size!


After Marshall’s we walked through a few more shops nearby before heading over to San Tan Mall. It was the perfect day to spend shopping at an outdoor mall, absolutely beautiful weather!

We weren’t really having any luck at the shops there, but I did want to stop in the Disney store to look at some Minnie Mouse ears and matching shoes for Brynlee’s Halloween costume. I’ve gone back and forth on making my own, but they were having a 40% off all Halloween items sale so these ears were only $4.77 and I just couldn’t pass them up. I found some Aurora shoes, for $7.77, that matched her costume a lot better than the ones they had for Minnie (plus, I didn’t think that the small heel on the Minnie shoes would work very well for Brynlee). Unfortunately they didn’t have them in Brynlee’s size, but they offered to order them for me and ship them to my house within 7 days for free, so once again I was sold!


Once we were done at the Disney store, we decided to head back home for some lunch. After that we ran a few more errands before my mom had to leave in hopes of beating rush hour traffic. I am so glad that she was able to come and spend some quality time with us. Brynlee had so much fun having Grandma here and cried when she left and I know she misses her.

This doesn’t really fall under our wonderful Grandma visit shopping time, but the next day I went to Target for a few things and had to pick up this cute waffle knit top for Brynlee. It was only $6 and I think it will look so cute with the vest I had gotten from Old Navy the day before.


I also picked up this cute outfit on the clearance rack for only $8.40. I fell in love with the little foxes and just couldn’t pass it up.


I think it is safe to say that Brynlee had some good shopping karma these past few days. I can’t believe how many great deals we found! I wish that would work for me when I’m looking for something for myself! What great deals have you been finding lately? Oh and Old Navy is now running a “buy 1 get 1 50% off anything in the store” sale on top of their “buy 2 get 1 free” clearance sale right now.  Happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “An Impromptu Visit

    1. I feel so lucky I found it!! When I saw it on the clearance rack I almost couldn’t believe it!! If it will ever cool off here I might have to go back for more color of the waffle knit, I love how cute it is with the vest!


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