Pumpkin Patch Round 2

At the end of last week, Landon left to go hunting and instead of sitting at home alone, I decided to spend some time with my family in Prescott. Even though it was a last minute plan, my whole family ended up getting together and we all had so much fun!

Saturday morning we got an early start and went to Mortimer Farm’s Pumpkin Festival. Brynlee had a lot of fun and we only had one meltdown at lunch time (darn those long food lines!). The big difference between Mortimer Farms and Schnepf Farms was that everything was a lot closer together at Mortimer Farm. We had to walk so far in between activities and Schnepf Farm and that is why I think Brynlee had such a tough time. While we were at Mortimer’s she might get fussy when we left one attraction, but I could immediately show her the next one and she would get excited again. Also, Mortimer’s had a lot more things available for Brynlee’s age, which was wonderful! They actually did a really great job of having multiple things to do for all ages so that was nice with our large party of varying ages.

Of course, Brynlee loved the petting zoo! Oddly enough, her favorite pet there was the 8 week old black kitten. She could not get enough of it and anytime I tried to show her something else, the goats or the bunnies or the chicken, she went straight back to that kitten. I foresee a new pet sometime in the future.


Her cousin Karen took her on this tunnel slide and she loved it!! Now anytime she sees a slide she runs for it!


Of course we had to visit the pumpkin patch where Brynlee proceeded to try to pick up or sit on every pumpkin we saw. She definitely has a thing for pumpkins, I think she gets that one from me!



cat tee / striped leggings / tutu- gift found at end of last Halloween

And then there was the corn pit, oh the corn pit! So much fun for the little ones! Brynlee and Malorie had a blast playing in the all the corn.



They even had little plastic animals hidden within the corn and Brynlee found herself a horse, which made it all that much better!


Once we were able to pull the kiddos from the corn pit (it only took 30-45 minutes or so) we came across the mother of all slides. Brynlee was so excited she didn’t want to wait in line and kept trying to climb on it. The second I put her on it she started climbing up the ladder on the left before I could even get on. My child has no fear, absolutely no fear! Of course we had to do this a couple of times.


The only way I was able to tear her away from that slide was to show her this barrel train. She was a little too small to ride it by herself, but luckily Karen offered to go with her. Brynlee was such a riot! She was holding on to the steering wheel and turning it left and right the whole time like she was driving herself!



And of course she found a few bales of hay to climb on.


She even went on her first hay ride, which she fell asleep on promptly 30 seconds after it started moving (which was fine by me, she really needed a nap!).


That evening, once we got back to my mom’s house, we spent some time outside feeding the horses. Don’t mind Brynlee’s mohawk, she tore her bow out and would not let me put it back it.


Then we took a little walk up back behind my mom’s house, Brynlee had to pick all the flowers, and we enjoyed the sunset.


*Brynlee, Karen, Jon and Malorie*

*Brynlee and Malorie with Grandma and Auntie


I hope you had a great weekend too!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Round 2

  1. Vea

    I haven’t heard of Mortimer Farm so I’m glad you blogged about it. I really want to take Iva to a pumpkin patch but I don’t know how she’ll handle skipping a nap and we’re so busy almost every weekend for the month that I don’t know if I’ll find the time. Brynlee is so adorable and I love her outfit!!!! 🙂


    1. Going without a nap definitely made for an interesting experience, but they had so many attractions that for the most part Brynlee was having too much fun to notice. Happy belated birthday to Iva by the way! 🙂


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