It’s been a while…

Hi there! It’s me, Cassidi, the voice behind this little, very neglected blog and the Blissfully Made shop over on Etsy. I’ve written this post over and over again in my head and each time nothing about it seemed quite right and that’s because it isn’t. A little over a month ago, my family faced and almost tragedy. I say “almost” because while my precious little nephew has spent the better part of this past month in the hospital fighting for his life, he has made some miraculous steps towards recovery. He still has a long road ahead of him, but he is quite the fighter and has a very supportive family that loves him dearly to help him along the way. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember when I posted his birth story, he surprised us all by being early and has continued to prove what a little miracle and blessing he is to our family. I am so grateful to everyone who has prayed for his recovery and ask that you continue to do so, last week he had a little setback in his health, but we are hoping he will get well soon.

When all of this first happened, I was beside myself. I couldn’t understand how this little baby, who has already been through so much, still has so much more to go through. The first two weeks I completely unplugged, everything on Facebook and Instagram seemed so insignificant and I couldn’t even think about focusing on my blog or my shop. I think all of my energy and brain power was spent trying to wrap my head around it all.  Slowly I began realizing that there is a plan behind this horribly hard time for my family and there are and have been many lessons to be learned throughout this experience. As I started accepting this and looking for areas that I needed to grow in, I was slowly able to start to get back into my normal routine. I finally sat back down at my sewing machine last week and I can’t tell you how amazing that felt. Sewing and crafting have always been so therapeutic to me and it really helped me to work through some of the craziness going on in my head. And while I don’t feel comfortable sharing the details of this story, as it is not mine to tell, I still felt that it needed to be addressed. It has and always will be a very significant part of my life and I just didn’t feel I could continue posting about other things until I was able to get this out, I guess that’s part of the healing process for me.

Tomorrow I will return with happier things and hopefully get back to some sort of normalcy here on the blog. I have some exciting things planned for the Blissfully Made shop too, so stay tuned. Please keep sending your prayers Parker’s way and I will keep you posted on his recovery (or you can join the Facebook group Prayers for Parker to be updated immediately). Oh, he rolled over for the first time over the weekend, it’s very exciting and just more proof of how far he has come and what a miracle he is! So, I hope I’ll see you back here tomorrow and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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