Throwback Thursday- Halloween 2014 Recap

Remember that time I quite blogging for a month and missed some pretty important stuff… Oh wait, that just happened. Well, in honor of TBT, I thought I would recap our Halloween and share the cutest little Minnie Mouse there ever was (okay, I might be a LITTLE biased).

First, let’s talk about Brynlee’s Halloween costume. I made her Bee costume last year and had so much fun that I decided early on I wanted to make her costume this year too. After realizing her love for Mickey Mouse, we decided that the only appropriate thing for her to go as would be Minnie Mouse so she could take her Mickey with her. Now, I have to admit that this was my very first attempt at making clothing, so to say I was a little nervous is an understatement. But it really wasn’t that hard. I started with a pattern and made a few alterations myself.


I found this McCall’s pattern M5791 and used the bodice from dress E and added the collar from dress A.


I wanted a fuller skirt that what this McCall’s pattern offered, so I made my own pattern for a circle skirt to add to it.


I thought the puff sleeves were going to give me a lot of trouble, that’s what has always stopped me from taking the jump into sewing garments before, but once I figured it out, the second arm was really easy and I don’t think I will have a problem sewing sleeves in the future.


Once I finished sewing everything together, I went back over all of the seams with my serger to make sure there weren’t any rough parts that would irritate Brynlee.


I love how it all came together and the ears I found at the Disney store match perfectly!


I tried it on Brynlee a few times before Halloween in hopes that she would be used to it by Halloween, but that didn’t work. Let’s just say Brynlee was less than enthused about being Minnie, she did not want to carry Mickey and she absolutely would not ride in the red wagon to go Trick or Treating… I tried getting some pictures of her in her costume, but these were the best I got. Oh and even though I had been putting those ears on her every day leading up to Halloween and it seemed like she loved them, on the actual day she wanted nothing to do with them.




*Trying to eat a lemon off of our tree


*”What do you mean I can’t eat the lemon???”


*How cute are those shoes!!! They are actually Aurora shoes from the Disney Store, but I thought they matched better than the Minnie ones.


My Mom, her husband, by sister and my niece all joined us for Trick or Treating and it was a lot of fun. Even though the girls wanted to be carried the whole time, about half way through they started enjoying themselves.


*This is the only picture we got the entire night that all three of us were looking at the camera and all eyes were open…

Once we got home, the girls were so excited to dig through their Trick or Treating booty. It was really cute to watch them, we really didn’t want Brynlee eating any of it so it wasn’t too long before we had to take it away.



Oh and the day before Halloween, Landon and I carved pumpkins once Brynlee went to bed.


*I just had to do a Mickey in honor of Brynlee’s costume

I did let her paint her pumpkin a few days before though.



*She was very excited about her pumpkin! #lolaphotobomb


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