Brynlee’s 18 Month Update

The holidays came and went so fast and we were so busy that I completely forgot to post Brynlee’s 18 month update in December. It is still really hard for me to believe I have an 18 month old (well, now a 19 month old), I still feel like it was only a short time ago that we were in the hospital awaiting her arrival and then bringing her home and learning to adjust to being a family of three! With that said, she truly has been our greatest blessing and watching her learn and grow has been pure joy!


*She looks so excited to be taking pictures, doesn’t she?

Her 18 month well-check revealed that she weighs 22 pounds 8 ounces which puts her in the 30th percentile. This again surprised me, she enjoys food so much that I really thought she would have increased in this area. She did grow in length again, 32 ¼ inches putting her in the 60th percentile, so I think that is was dropped her in weight. It always seems that when she starts putting on some chunk, she has a big growth spurt and it all goes away. She’s looking less and less baby like and more toddler like as each day passes, which is definitely bittersweet. Her head measured in the 25th percentile at 18, which I think they may have mis-measured, because at her 15 month appointment it was larger…


*Running around at the park

Brynlee continues to have a very healthy appetite. We are always giving her new things to try and some are wins (shrimp) and some are losses (mussels).  When we find something that she doesn’t like I always try to reintroduce at a later time and usually over and over and eventually she will start to like it. She hated bananas at first, but I kept offering them to her and now they are one of her favorite things to eat! She also loves all kind of pasta, sweet potato and butternut squash are still on the top of her list of favs, she’s also been loving green beans and broccoli lately too! She still prefers chicken or pork to any beef and also likes most of the seafood options we’ve given her (except the mussels). One newer thing is she’s been more open to fruit, grapes, blueberries, strawberries. She’s always much preferred vegetables to any fruit and at the end of any meal it was always the fruit that was left behind. I’ve started giving her fruit for her snacks instead and she seems to really enjoy eating it now. She’s also gotten a lot better about using utensils, and while she still uses her hands for some meals, she’s gotten really quite good at using a fork!


*Fun times at the park

Brynlee loves to draw and color!!! And she has finally stopped trying to eat her crayons so I will gladly let her color all day long! I love seeing this creative side of her develop and am so excited to start doing crafts and other things with her. She still loves to dance and her current favorite song is Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. It does not matter what she is doing, even throwing a tantrum, when that song comes on she stops and starts dancing! It is so cute and has proven to be quite useful! She still enjoys reading and loves going to the park. The slide is her new favorite thing!


*She loves sitting in chairs and she almost always has a book with her

Mickey is, of course, still her BFF and goes everywhere with us! I have to admit that this love affair she has for Mickey is making Landon and I very excited for her first trip to Disneyland. I just can’t wait to see the look on her face when we go for the first time!


*We found this boot/stocking Mickey while out Christmas shopping one day and I was certain I was going to have to spend the $20 on it. She would not let go of that thing for a very long time!!! Her love for Mickey knows no bounds!

Her new favorite word is Lola (our dog’s name) and she will say it over and over or copy one of us when we say it. She still says uh-oh all the time and is using it accurately and she has finally started saying mama more and more. But she is still sticking to only saying a few words at a time. Sometimes I get a little nervous at her lack of vocabulary, but I know that all babies/toddlers are different and will develop at their own time. I’m sure when she starts talking regularly she will go straight to talking in sentences.


*Brynlee and Lola picking lemons off our tree

She still runs and climbs on everything!!! And her coordination is getting better and better each day! We always kick balls around or throw them and she started catching a few or kicking them herself. And she loves spending time outdoors! Especially when that includes being able to dig in the garden!


*Every time we go outside know she wants to dig in the garden. I’m a little worried for once we actually plant in there, should be interesting to see how that goes over

Brynlee is such an amazing little girl and as I watch her beautiful personality develop more each day I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of her. Her immense curiosity (while it can be frustrating at times) makes each day so much fun! And she loves her family! She loves when we can all get together and she can spend time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! I’m so glad she is nurturing such a close bond with them early on. My family is so important to me and knowing that I always have their support and love is something that has helped me throughout my life, it is so reassuring to know Brynlee will have that too and I feel so blessed to know that she is loved dearly by so many!


*Crazy shenanigans in the fabric store! I just love her personality!


One thought on “Brynlee’s 18 Month Update

  1. Lisa :)

    Always happy to read the updates! And thanks for including the great photos. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you again! Love you 🙂


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