My Birthday and the Zoo

                Last week I celebrated my 31st birthday and it was wonderful! My mom, sister and her kids came down the night before and surprised me with a delicious giant birthday cookie from Paradise Bakery! We also made homemade pizzas, I thought it would be fun to get the girls involved with making their own pizza, but they just wanted to eat the cheese instead of put it on top of their pizza… oh well, you win some you lose some.



The next morning we met up with my Aunt and spent the day and the Phoenix Zoo. Other than the Zoolights, this was Brynlee’s first time at the zoo and she had so much fun. I think her favorite part was the Safari Train ride. They advised us to get a seat early if we all wanted to sit together because it fills up fast and I was a little worried about how she would do sitting still for the 20 minutes until the ride started, but she was ecstatic the entire time, smiling and squealing with delight. And once the train started to move she couldn’t contain her excitement, I don’t even think she cared about seeing the animals on the tour, she was having too much fun riding the train!


*Waiting for the train to start, she was so happy!!



*We met some very friendly geese.


*Brynlee loved petting the goats and even tried to give them hugs!




*There was a fun play area that we stopped at so the girls could play and eat some snacks.


We spent the entire day at the zoo, Brynlee took a short nap in her stroller, but other than that she was having a blast seeing all of the animals, petting the goats and we even got to pet sting rays!



*This was a very wet attraction, we were all soaked by the time we left, the sting rays loved to splash at you! One actually jumped up and tried to plant a kiss on my niece!



On the way out, I decided to buy a membership for the Zoo, it was only $55/year for me and Brynlee is free because she is under 2. Plus you get two free zoo tickets, so Landon can use those when we all go. I’m already planning to take Brynlee again this week. This will be such a fun activity to do during the week with Brynlee, she will learn a lot going so much and we won’t feel rushed to get through any of the exhibits because we will get to go so frequently. Can you tell I’m excited about this? Oh and to make the deal even sweeter, Landon only works about 2 miles away from the zoo, so if we go in the morning we can meet up with Daddy for lunch and be home in time for a nap! I see many zoo days in our future and am so grateful for the great AZ weather that will allow us to go so frequently!


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