Easter Bunny Embellished Tank Top with Ruffles (the cheater way)

We will be having two Easter’s this year, Saturday we will celebrate Easter with my family up in Prescott, then on Sunday  we will be with Landon’s family here in Phoenix. I decided to make Brynlee’s Easter dress this year (I will be sharing the details of that soon), but I also wanted to make her something to hunt Easter eggs in that might be more comfortable than a dress and something that I wouldn’t mind if she got dirty.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it since I obviously procrastinated (I just finished it last night), so I knew I it had to be quick and easy. I decided to use an existing tank top and just embellish it with a bunny silhouette and a ruffle on the bottom. For all my non-sewing friends out there, the bunny is no sew, so you could easily do this too!


Tank Top or shirt (for reference, the tank top I’m using is 2T)

Heat ‘N’ Bond

Two coordinating fabrics (I used two fat quarters from Joann’s, but you will need to adjust your fabric amount accordingly depending on the size of shirt you are using and the size of your silhouette)

White Pom Pom

Thread to adhere pom pom bunny tail (I used embroidery thread)

I found a plain white tank top at Old Navy for $6, then I came home and started searching Pinterest for a bunny outline I liked, sadly I couldn’t find one that was just what I had in mind and that was the right size of for my tank top, so I ended up just drawing my own and while it’s not perfect, I am quite happy with it!


Because I was so short on time and didn’t want to deal with sewing the silhouette on, I decided to use Heat ‘N’ Bond, this was my first time using it, which was made obvious when I didn’t read all of the directions and ended up ruining my ironing board cover by permanently ironing on adhesive to it… But let my mistake make it easier for you! So, I will tell you how it is supposed to be done, but my pictures will show you how I actually did it. Oh and I found it at Joann’s for around $3, it comes in a yard so there is plenty left over for other projects too!

First you will want to cut a piece of Heat ‘N’ Bond just big enough for your silhouette, in my case, the bunny. Then you will want to iron it onto the wrong side of your fabric, following the package instructions (I cut my silhouette out first then ironed on the Heat ‘N’ Bond, hence the sticky mess all over my ironing board cover). Once it’s cooled you can cut out your silhouette.


Next, carefully peel back the paper and center your silhouette on your tank top. Following the Heat ‘N’ Bond package instructions, iron it in place. I held my iron still in each place for 8-9 seconds, there were a few places that I had to read apply the heat for a few more seconds, but after that everything adhered really well. The type of Heat ‘N’ Bond I used said that it is machine washable and that you should not sew over the top of it, but if you felt more comfortable reinforcing your silhouette by stitching it on afterwards, there is a Heat ‘N’ Bond for just that purpose, just make sure to read the packaging so you get the correct one.


Once my silhouette had cooled, I attached a 1 inch white pom pom for the bunny tail. I used embroidery thread to sew it on, I know Brynlee is going to tug on that bunny tail like crazy and I wanted to make sure it stayed put!


For the ruffle, from my polka dot fabric I cut two rectangles measuring 3”x18” and from the chevron fabric I cut two rectangles measuring 5”x18”. The bottom of my tank top measured approx.. 11”, I wanted some ruffle, but not for it to be overwhelming and bulky so I added 7” to account for ruffling which is how I came to 18”. Again, this is for a size 2T tank top, if you are making a smaller or larger tank top you will need to adjust the length of your rectangles.

With right sides together, sew both short edges together on each of your rectangles, I used a ¼” seam allowance.


Iron your seams open.


Fold them in half, wrong side together and iron.



Matching your side seams, pin your two fabrics together and sew, again using a ¼” seam allowance.

B11 B12

At this point, I used my serger to serge the edges of my fabrics together, this is not necessary, if you don’t have a serger you can either zig zag stitch the ends or just leave it alone.


Now you need to pin your fabric to your tank top and this is where the cheater ruffling comes in. I decided to do it this way instead of ruffling my fabric on my sewing machine so I would have complete control over my ruffles and would be able to make sure my side seams matched up. FYI- this method uses a lot of pins, but is totally worth it!

First you will want to match up your side seams and pin, then to make sure your ruffles are even you will want to place your next pin by matching up the middle of your fabric to the middle of your tank top.


You will continue pining by matching up the middle of each gap until your tank top is full of pins and you are satisfied with the placement of the ruffles.


To hide my thread line, I stitched directly over the bottom hemline’s thread, to do this, go very SLOWLY!!! I am not usually one to take my time, but if you want your stitch camouflaged, this is a must! There were a few times where I got impatient and started to sew quicker and you can see where I veered from the hemline’s thread, it’s not extremely noticeable, but it will happen. Also, make sure you do a quality check when you are done sewing to make sure your ruffle is secure.


Once you are done stitching iron it all flat and you are done!!!


This was an incredibly simple tank top to make and I love how it turned out. The Heat ‘N’ Bond makes it so easy and the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to embellish more shirts for other holidays, or maybe a birthday party, or even just because, if I find a cute design or something…

Happy embellishing!


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