Tote Bag Tutorial

Brynlee loves bags, baskets, buckets, basically anything that she can put stuff in and carry it around, so this year for Easter, instead of buying her an Easter basket, I decided to make her her very own tote bag. I must admit, this is a partially selfish endeavor, this will make my life so much easier when it comes time to leave the house. Currently, when I tell her “let’s go” she grabs as many toys as possible, until her arms are completely full and tries to bring them all with us, now I will be able to just thrown them in her tote bag and we can be out the door.


Since this is for Brynlee, I am obviously making a smaller version of a tote bag, but the beautifully thing about tote bags is that they are easy to make as small or as large as you need them! Plus, they are super simple to make. This bag measures 10”x12” and is 3” wide at the bottom with 15” straps.

From your fabric cut:

2- 10.5”x 16” rectangles


2- 4”x 17.5” rectangles for the straps

With right sides together, sew the sides and bottom of your bag together using a ¼” seam allowance. I serged my seams, but if you don’t have a serger, you can either leave them alone or do a zig zag stitch.


Match up one of your sides seams to the bottom seam at the corner, you might need to peek inside the bag a few times to make sure everything is lined up, measure 1.5” from the bottom and draw a line.


Sew along your line and serge. Do this again to the other corner and turn your bag right side out.

B7 B8

Now you have the basic structure of your bag.


Around the top of the bag fold over 1” and iron.


Then fold over 1” again and iron.


Stitch around the perimeter of your bag 1/8” from the bottom fold.

B14 B15

To make your straps, iron each short edge in ¼”. Then fold them in half long ways, iron and open fold. Match each edge up to your center iron mark and iron those edges flat. When you close all your folds your straps should be 1” wide.


Sew 1/8” away from edge to finish the straps.



To attached your straps, find the center of your bag and measure out the distance you want your straps. My straps are spaced 5”apart, so I found the center and measured 2.5” on each side and pinned the straps in place.


To secure the straps, sew a ¾” square with an “X” in it.


Ta-Da!!! Your bag is done!!! Wasn’t that fast?


I used Heat “N” Bond to add a “B” to the front of Brynlee’s. I just printed out a “B” from Word, cut it out and traced it onto my fabric. Then it was as easy as ironing it on! (See my last Heat “N” Bond project here)



Happy tote bag making!


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