Our Easter


Our weekend was filled to the brim with Easter festivities and while we were super busy and it flew by, we had so much fun and seeing Brynlee’s joy over the holiday just added to it!


We had our first Easter celebration on Saturday at my mom’s house. Brynlee had so much fun hunting for Easter eggs, although I think she was a little overwhelmed by everyone excitedly telling her to come this way or that to get an egg.


She would open up every egg before she would put it in her basket.


On my side of the family there are only 3 little ones, one of which is only 8 months old, so it was just Brynlee and my sister’s daughter hunting for eggs.


After the little kid hunt, we sent the bigger cousins out on a hunt of their own while the two little girls went through their baskets to see what they got.


In my family we don’t put candy in the eggs, usually we just put money, mostly coins with a few golden or silver eggs that has anywhere from $3-$5 in it. For the girls we filled some with coins for their piggy banks, put some Annie’s cheddar crackers in a few so they would have something to snack on as they opened their eggs and the rest were filled with little prizes, cars, hair accessories, socks, stickers, jewelry.

Once the big kids were done we had a big lunch, spent some time outside flying kites, letting the kids play in the water and playing horse shoes, then we headed home around 3:00pm hoping that Brynlee would sleep the whole way since she hadn’t had a nap yet. No such luck, she only slept for about 30 minutes, but was surprisingly good the rest of the time.


The next morning, when Brynlee got up, we had her Easter basket sitting out for her to find when she came downstairs. The second she saw it she got all excited and started squealing and saying “oh, oh, oh” while pointing at it. We couldn’t get downstairs fast enough!



We let her sort through her basket and play with her new things while we waited for it to warm up a bit before heading outside for her second egg hunt of the weekend.


Easter Basket/Bag- I made (click here for the tutorial), watering can, truck, garden shovel and rake are all from Target (sorry, I couldn’t find a link), Mickey Activity book- Joann, Mickey puzzle- dollar store, Poster Crayons, Straw cup, Bunny Loves to Play, You Are My I Love You, Sprout Pouches.


For the tutorial on how to make Brynlee’s Easter Bunny shirt click here.





She had so much fun hunting for eggs at home, you could tell she was a lot more comfortable in our backyard looking for them than when we were at my moms. Landon and I barely needed to help her and she really got into searching for them and would get so excited when she found one. Once again, she had to open each egg and dump the contents into her basket before she would move on to find another one.




Lola just chilled in the backyard while she waiting for Brynlee to finish.


When we came back inside Brynlee might have had more fun putting all of her coins in her piggy bank than she did searching for eggs.


Later that afternoon headed out to Landon’s Aunt’s house to have an Easter celebration with his family. We had lunch then did another egg hunt and even had a surprise visit from the Easter bunny himself!


Landon has a lot of cousins, so this egg hunt was huge!! But since it was Brynlee’s third one of the weekend, it seemed she had gotten the hang of it and knew what to do. She confidently ran around finding eggs and wouldn’t pay attention to Landon or I when we tried to show her one. Nope, she wanted to find them herself!


After our experience this year with Santa, I was a little nervous about how she would react to seeing the Easter bunny, but she loved him!! She kept following him around and cried when he left. Luckily it was easy to distract her by sorting through her basket of eggs.


Most of the eggs were filled with candy, Brynlee has never had candy before and I don’t think she knew that any of it was actually edible. She would just pick up the jelly beans and candy eggs and look at them, we think she thought they were just pretty rocks or something.


I made Brynlee’s Easter dress this year by using Dana’s First Day Dress pattern. I found the polka dot polyester fabric at Joann’s and just lined it with white cotton. Then I sewed lace to the bottom hem of the lining so it would peek out of the bottom of the dress. I love how it turned out! I was a little nervous, as it was my first time sewing with polyester, but it all worked out in the end and I couldn’t have been happier with her dress!


Once again, we left around 3:00 and Brynlee did not fall asleep on the way home. Let me tell you, 2 days in a row of hardly any naps does not make for a fun time by then end of day 2, not to mention she had a rough night Sunday night and woke up at 4am and would not go back to sleep. We had such a fun filled weekend, but I am ready to get this little girl back on her schedule and back to sleeping again, this mama NEEDS that to happen! Lol!

I hope you all had an amazing Easter as well!


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