Our Weekend

Whew! What a weekend! It’s been one of those where we’ve gotten a lot done, as in a lot of stuff that we’ve said we’d do since we moved in… 5 years ago!!!

Seriously, what takes us so long to do certain things, because once we do them, I’m certainly happy we did and always wonder why we waited so long! But more on that later.

We had a super fun weekend that started with a shopping trip to the outlets where we found this super cute hat (similar) for Brynlee that she hasn’t taken off since!


On Saturday, my niece had her 4th birthday party, it was a pool party and Brynlee couldn’t have been more excited.


Shoes, bag, hat (similar

It’s still a little too cool here to get in the pool (I was freezing) but Brynlee loved being in the water! She cried when I finally took her out and that was only because her lips were turning blue and she was shivering uncontrollably… Needless to say, I’m, sure we will be spending multiple days over there throughout this summer!



Once we finally got her inside the house, she would not leave their poor cat alone and repeatedly put this roll of masking tape on his head.


On Sunday, Landon spent the day prepping our patio expansion. My dad came down in the afternoon to help and to be here to help with the concrete on Monday. Have I mentioned how grateful I am to have a father that is a General Contractor and has been doing this stuff for over 50 years and always willing to help when we need it? Thank you Dad!!!



Meanwhile, I worked on bloggy things while Brynlee napped (basically the only chance I get to) and Lola supervised… Now that’s the life! #amiright????


Monday we were finally able to pour our patio, we only needed 2 yards of concrete, we found this small batch company and I would highly recommend them to anyone else looking to pour a small amount of concrete and you don’t want to mix it yourself. We priced everything out and mixing it ourselves would have only been about $40 cheaper and definitely not worth the extra time in our books, plus it will match the existing concrete better.


And let’s not forget our special supervisor during the patio expansion process.


After a while, us girls decided to have a paint party, while the boys finished up with the patio.


Apparently it’s really fun to paint your face too!


Honestly though, I can’t tell you how happy I am that we finally expanded our patio. We have amazing weather about 9 months out of the year, but with such a small amount of patio space we definitely have not been utilizing it. Now, expect us to be out there any chance we get!!


Seriously though, what is it that take us so long to do things that we’ve obviously wanted to do for a long time??? Please tell me we aren’t the only procrastinators???? Anyways, aside from the patio, I’ve been working like a maniac on the inside trying to repaint the entire interior, not an easy task! Anyways, I can’t wait to share the finally makeover!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!


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